Researchers in Applied Psychology

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Photo Researcher Organisational Units
Professor Bruce Abernethy Professor Bruce Abernethy Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences
Dr Emma Antrobus Dr Emma Antrobus School of Social Science
Professor Neal Ashkanasy Professor Neal Ashkanasy School of Business
No image Dr Matthew Bambling School of Clinical Medicine
Professor Roy Baumeister Professor Roy Baumeister School of Psychology
Professor Robin Burgess-Limerick Professor Robin Burgess-Limerick Minerals Industry Safety and Health Centre
Professor Victor Callan Professor Victor Callan School of Business
Dr Stephanie Cardwell Dr Stephanie Cardwell School of Social Science
Dr Angela Dean Dr Angela Dean School of Biological Sciences
Professor Julie Duck Professor Julie Duck Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
Associate Professor Kelly Fielding Associate Professor Kelly Fielding School of Communication and Arts | School of Psychology
Dr Terrance Fitzsimmons Dr Terrance Fitzsimmons School of Business
Professor Nicole Gillespie Professor Nicole Gillespie School of Business
No image Dr Ana Goode School of Public Health
Dr Katharine Greenaway Dr Katharine Greenaway School of Psychology
Associate Professor Stephanie Hanrahan Associate Professor Stephanie Hanrahan School of Human Movement and Nutrition Sciences | School of Psychology
Professor Charmine Hartel Professor Charmine Hartel School of Business
Professor Catherine Haslam Professor Catherine Haslam School of Psychology
Professor Alex Haslam Professor Alex Haslam School of Psychology
Dr Maureen Hassall Dr Maureen Hassall School of Chemical Engineering
Dr Mel Hyde Dr Mel Hyde School of Psychology
Professor Christina Lee Professor Christina Lee Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences | School of Psychology
Professor Winnifred Louis Professor Winnifred Louis School of Psychology
Professor Cliff Mallett Professor Cliff Mallett School of Human Movement and Nutrition Sciences
Dr Claire Moran Dr Claire Moran School of Psychology
Professor Andrew Neal Professor Andrew Neal School of Psychology
Associate Professor Peter Newcombe Associate Professor Peter Newcombe Institute for Teaching and Learning Innovation | School of Psychology
Emeritus Professor Tian Po Oei Emeritus Professor Tian Po Oei School of Psychology
Associate Professor Tyler Okimoto Associate Professor Tyler Okimoto School of Business
Professor Kenneth Pakenham Professor Kenneth Pakenham School of Psychology
Dr Stacey Parker Dr Stacey Parker School of Psychology
Professor Polly Parker Professor Polly Parker Faculty of Business, Economics and Law
Associate Professor Neil Paulsen Associate Professor Neil Paulsen School of Business
Dr Kim Peters Dr Kim Peters School of Psychology
Dr Jenny Povey Dr Jenny Povey Institute for Social Science Research
Dr Ingrid Rowlands Dr Ingrid Rowlands School of Public Health | School of Psychology
Professor Penelope Sanderson Professor Penelope Sanderson School of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering | School of Psychology | School of Clinical Medicine
No image Dr Hataya Sibunruang School of Business
Dr Nik Steffens Dr Nik Steffens School of Psychology
No image Professor Daniel Zizzo School of Economics
Dr Courtney von Hippel Dr Courtney von Hippel School of Psychology