Researchers in Law

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Photo Researcher Organisational Units
Dr Kamalesh Adhikari Dr Kamalesh Adhikari School of Law
Associate Professor Lee Aitken Associate Professor Lee Aitken School of Law
Professor James Allan Professor James Allan School of Law
Dr Rebecca Ananian-Welsh Dr Rebecca Ananian-Welsh School of Law
Professor Nicholas Aroney Professor Nicholas Aroney School of Law
Professor Kit Barker Professor Kit Barker School of Law
Associate Professor Francesca Bartlett Associate Professor Francesca Bartlett School of Law
Dr Justine Bell-James Dr Justine Bell-James School of Law
Professor Rick Bigwood Professor Rick Bigwood School of Law
Associate Professor Peter Billings Associate Professor Peter Billings School of Law
Associate Professor Ann Black Associate Professor Ann Black School of Law
Associate Professor Morgan Brigg Associate Professor Morgan Brigg School of Political Science and International Studies | UQ Poche Centre for Indigenous Health
Professor Simon Bronitt Professor Simon Bronitt School of Law
Professor Anthony Cassimatis Professor Anthony Cassimatis School of Law
Dr Xan Chacko Dr Xan Chacko School of Law
Dr Susannah Chapman Dr Susannah Chapman School of Law
Dr Vicky Comino Dr Vicky Comino School of Law
Professor Jennifer Corrin Professor Jennifer Corrin School of Law
Dr Alan Davidson Dr Alan Davidson School of Law
Professor Heather Douglas Professor Heather Douglas School of Law
Professor Craig Forrest Professor Craig Forrest School of Law
Professor Nick Gaskell Professor Nick Gaskell School of Law
Professor Ross Grantham Professor Ross Grantham School of Law
Dr Paul Harpur Dr Paul Harpur School of Law
Mr Russell Hinchy Mr Russell Hinchy School of Law
Dr Barbora Jedlickova Dr Barbora Jedlickova School of Law
Dr Enshen Li Dr Enshen Li School of Law
Associate Professor Rain Liivoja Associate Professor Rain Liivoja School of Law
Associate Professor Qiao Liu Associate Professor Qiao Liu School of Law
Associate Professor Blake McKimmie Associate Professor Blake McKimmie School of Psychology
Associate Professor David Morrison Associate Professor David Morrison School of Law
Professor Graeme Orr Professor Graeme Orr School of Law
Dr Melinda Rankin Dr Melinda Rankin School of Political Science and International Studies
No image Professor Andreas Schloenhardt School of Law
Professor Brad Sherman Professor Brad Sherman School of Law
Dr Thea Voogt Dr Thea Voogt School of Law
Professor Tamara Walsh Professor Tamara Walsh School of Law
Dr Matt Watson Dr Matt Watson School of Law