Researchers in Pharmacology and pharmaceutical sciences

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Photo Researcher Organisational Units
Mr Michael Duhig Mr Michael Duhig Child Health Research Centre
No image Professor Robert Fassett Royal Brisbane Clinical Unit
Honorary Professor Vicki Flenady Honorary Professor Vicki Flenady Mater Research Institute-UQ
Dr Jenny Fung Dr Jenny Fung School of Biomedical Sciences
Dr Sebastian Furness Dr Sebastian Furness School of Biomedical Sciences
Honorary Professor Brian Gabrielli Honorary Professor Brian Gabrielli Mater Research Institute-UQ
Professor Elizabeth Gillam Professor Elizabeth Gillam School of Chemistry and Molecular Biosciences
Dr Richard Gordon Dr Richard Gordon UQ Centre for Clinical Research
Associate Professor Paul Gray Associate Professor Paul Gray Royal Brisbane Clinical Unit
Dr Felicity Han Dr Felicity Han Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology
No image Honorary Professor Janet Hardy Mater Research Institute-UQ
Dr Amitha Hewavitharana Dr Amitha Hewavitharana School of Pharmacy
Dr Sam Hollingworth Dr Sam Hollingworth School of Pharmacy
Emeritus Professor Jeffrey Lipman Emeritus Professor Jeffrey Lipman UQ Centre for Clinical Research
Dr Treasure McGuire Dr Treasure McGuire School of Pharmacy
Dr Jared Miles Dr Jared Miles School of Pharmacy | UQ Poche Centre for Indigenous Health
No image Honorary Professor Peter Molenaar Prince Charles Hospital Northside Clinical Unit
Associate Professor Nicholas Osborne Associate Professor Nicholas Osborne School of Public Health
Dr Jun Parker Dr Jun Parker Greater Brisbane Clinical School
Emeritus Professor Michael Roberts Emeritus Professor Michael Roberts Frazer Institute
Emeritus Professor Maree Smith Emeritus Professor Maree Smith School of Biomedical Sciences
Dr Centaine Snoswell Dr Centaine Snoswell Centre for Health Services Research | School of Pharmacy
Dr Martin Stoermer Dr Martin Stoermer Institute for Molecular Bioscience
Emeritus Professor Sue Tett Emeritus Professor Sue Tett School of Pharmacy
Dr Karen Whitfield Dr Karen Whitfield School of Pharmacy