Discovery of pathways to embryogenesis in pathogenic flatworm parasites using microdissection and transcriptomic technologies (2010–2012)

In this integrated and collaborative project, Frontier technologies (transcriptomics/microdissection/microarrays) will be used to elucidate the molecular basis of egg formation in economically important platyhelminth parasites, the schistosomes. The research will open a major bottle-neck impeding the elucidation of sites of expression of many 1000 s of schistosome genes, and accelerate understanding of cellular organization and the molecular activation of egg-shell formation in these small but pathogenic helminths. The research will answer significant questions about the reproductive biology of flatworm parasites responsible for human misery and economic burden, leading to future intervention strategies against these pathogens.
Grant type:
ARC Discovery Projects
Funded by:
Australian Research Council