Neurobiological mechanisms of decision under uncertainty (2013–2016)

The goal of this project is to investigate the role of uncertainty on human behaviour and brain function. I aim to: 1) understand how uncertainty guides decisions, 2) characterise the dynamics of brain networks engaged in decisions under uncertainty, 3) study the impact of anatomical networks on normal behavioural and functional connectivity variability. The outcomes of this project will provide a deeper knowledge of the brain mechanisms and the structural factors that contribute to the way in which uncertainty shapes human decisions. This will be the first attempt to link decision under uncertainty with brain networks, and will lead to a new level of understanding of the neurobiology of decision-making.
Grant type:
ARC Discovery Early Career Researcher Award
  • UQ Fellow
    Queensland Brain Institute
    Affiliated Senior Lecturer
    School of Mathematics and Physics
    Faculty of Science
Funded by:
Australian Research Council