Pharmacokinetics of cephalosporin antibiotics in peritoneal dialysis with peritonitis (2013–2014)

Peritoneal Dialysis (PD) is a common form of dialysis used for management of kidney failure. Peritonitis is a common, but severe major complications of PD. Best treatment uses antibiotics added to a bag of PD fluid that is administered intrapertioneally (directly into the abdomen). The approach is preferred as it ensures maximal antibiotic concentrations in the peritoneal cavity, at the site of infection. However drugs administered intraperitoneally can still cause systemic side-effects (eg. seizures). This study re-analyses samples collected from a previous study to determine how to best dose two cephalosporin antibiotics (cefazolin and cefalothin) in PD patients with peritonitis.
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Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital
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Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital