Stable isotopic studies and isotopic dating, Woodleigh Impact Structure, Western Australia: implications for the Late Devonian mass extinction (2002–2004)

The 120 km diameter Woodleigh impact structure in the Carnarvon Basin, Western Australia is the third largest Phanerozoic impact structure. K-Ar dating of impact-induced alteration minerals indicates a Late Devonian age for Woodleigh. The precise timing of impact, nature of the impacting body and processes responsible for redistribution of meteoritic components will be investigated using a range of analytical methodologies. A search will be made for impact-related sedimentary deposits to see if an extraterrestrial component can be identified and correlated with Woodleigh. The expected outcome is proof of an impact-extinction connection for the Late Devonian mass extinction, one of the largest in Earth history.''
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ARC Discovery Projects
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Australian Research Council