Anti cancer Agents from Australian Marine Biodiversity (2004–2007)

This project aims to initiate a proof of concept research collaboration in order to detect, isolate, characterise, identify and evaluate new marine anticancer drugs. This will be achieved through screening Australian marine biodiversity for the ability to inhibit key processes in tumor cell physiology. Significant outcomes from the project will not only be targets that yield new anticancer agents, but also the participation of Australian researchers in the environmentally sustainable exploration, discovery and development of next generation anticancer drugs from Australia s unique marine biodiversity.
Grant type:
ARC Linkage Projects
  • Professorial Research Fellow
    Institute for Molecular Bioscience
    Affiliated Professor
    School of Chemistry and Molecular Biosciences
    Faculty of Science
  • Professorial Research Fellow - GL
    Institute for Molecular Bioscience
    Affiliate Professor
    School of Biomedical Sciences
    Faculty of Medicine
Funded by:
Australian Research Council