Catalytic Conversion of Waste Plastics to Hydrocarbon Fuels (2005–2008)

This project aims to investigate the catalytic conversion of waste plastics to liquid fuels. Plastics comprise about 20% of municipal waste by volume, and are a major environmental concern as the present practice of disposal by landfilling has long-term hazard potential and is unsustainable. We propose to study the kinetics of the catalytic degradation of pure component plastics as well as their mixtures in a laboratory screw extrusion reactor, compare alternative catalysts, and develop process models to be used for scale up. The process and know-how developed will contribute to sustainable development, and provide an internationally competitive advantage to Australia.
Grant type:
ARC Linkage Projects
  • Professor
    School of Chemical Engineering
    Faculty of Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology
Funded by:
Australian Research Council