Biological membrane transporters:  Delivery of an oligonucleotide inhibitor of vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) (2004–2005)

Choroidal neovascularisation, which is the most severe form of Age Related Macular Degeneratoin is the major cause of blindness in the developed world. Gene therapy could be a cure for this disease if the problems associated with the delivery of DNA could be addressed. Our project involves a highly novel strategy for gene delivery involving ion pair formation of lipophilic dendrimers (tree-like compounds with positive charges on the surface). We will develop new DNA/dendrimer complexes adn test them in a well established animal nodel for neovascularisation. Successful completion of this project might offer a potential therapy for choroidal neovascularisation, with a good chance of entering into human clinical trials.
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NHMRC Development Grant
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