Mapping the Dark Matter with Early Type Galaxies (ARC Linkage Project administered by Swinburne University of Technology) (2014–2017)

Approximately 24% of the Universe is made of dark matter, whose physical identity is unknown and whose characteristics are a vital topic of research. Galaxies move in gravitational response to the distribution of dark matter in their vicinity. These ¿peculiar velocities¿ are superposed on the Hubble expansion. In this team project, which builds on our earlier work, distances and velocities will be measured for galaxies within a radius of a billion light years. A description of the distribution of dark matter within the local universe and its relationship to the distribution of luminous matter are thus the principal outcomes. Among other things, this research will tell us why our Galaxy is moving with a velocity of 600 km/sec.
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Swinburne University of Technology
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Swinburne University of Technology