NHMRC Research Fellowship (PRF): Understanding and Treating Inflammatory Disease (2014–2017)

I currently am the Deputy Director (Research) at the Mater Medical Research Institute (MMRI) which is a translational-research focused independent medical research institute based on two major hospital campuses in Brisbane. My research group (4 postdocs, 1 technician, 6 students) is now housed in the Translational Research Institute (TRI) which is a state of the art facility which will house ~700 researchers. My proposed research concerns chronic inflammatory diseases (gut and respiratory inflammation, arthritis and metabolic disease) that are major contributors to morbidity and healthcare expenditure. My research seeks to: (a) deepen understanding of disease pathophysiology; (b) develop new therapies, test these in preclinical models, and help advance leads into clinical trial via commercial collaboration; and (c) provide relevant biological assessments for clinical research including trials. One major focus of my team is on exploring the role of mucins in mucosal infection, inflammation and cancer with a strong research interest in inflammatory bowel diseases and non-CF bronchiectasis. I also have a strong research program in protein misfolding and ER stress in inflammatory diseases, including in obesity and type 2 diabetes. My vision is to conduct high quality basic research integrated with and informed by relevant clinical services, and to provide support for clinical research. My research is already tightly connected with research active clinicians in IBD, respiratory inflammation, rheumatology and metabolic disease, and I propose to further develop and enmesh my team with clinical units at the Mater and PAH via my new base in the TRI. My exploration of basic pathophysiology will be focused by clinical needs and influenced by clinicians with intimate knowledge of the clinical challenges.
Grant type:
NHMRC Research Fellowship
Funded by:
National Health and Medical Research Council