Chronic Kidney Disease Centre of Research Excellence (2014–2019)

We will establish Australia's first CRE in chronic kidney disease (CKD). CKD is a common condition with heightened cardiovascular (CV) risk, and it also precedes almost all end stage kidney failure (ESKF). ESKF leads to renal replacement therapy (RRT) or death. Costs of RRT pose an immense burden on the Australian health care system, and with current trends, will soon be unsupportable. All the potential to contain ESKF and RRT lies with better understanding and management of CKD. However little is known about CKD, there is no systematic CKD surveillance in the ambulatory setting, optimal care pathways are still being defined, and predictors of CKD¿s progression and of CV events are poorly understood. Research in the CRE will generate information to fill those knowledge gaps. Through an established registry and surveillance collaboration, we will develop profiles of CKD patients in various primary care and renal practice settings, in several states, and in Indigenous and nonindigenous people. We will follow the courses of those patients, their outpatient trajectories, their management, hospitalisations, costs and outcomes. We will enhance capacity for CKD management in primary care, and strengthen and evaluate renal supportive care pathways for complex and elderly CKD patients who might not benefit from dialysis. We will conduct biomarker research to define predictors of progression and cardiovascular events, which will influence CKD management pathways, and we will establish Australia¿s first CKD BioBank. Health economic evaluations will be woven into all the research streams, to define current costs, predict future costs, and test alternative models aimed at improving efficiencies in CKD care and containing RRT. CRE outputs should result in improved detection of CKD, slowed progression, fewer cardiovascular deaths, better care pathways, and some deceleration in rising rates of RRT, with more rationalised resource utilisation.
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NHMRC Centres of Research Excellence
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