Development of High Performance Nanostructured (Bi, Sb)2Te3 Nanomaterials (2015–2017)

The direct energy conversion between heat and electricity, based on thermoelectric effects without moving parts, has been considered as a green and sustainable solution to the global energy dilemma. This project aims to develop novel band-engineered (Bi, Sb)2Te3 nanomaterials for high-efficiency energy conversion using novel microwave assisted wet chemistry approach, coupled with nanostructure and band engineering strategies. The key breakthrough is to design high performance (Bi, Sb)2Te3 thermoelectrics for satisfying the high efficiency solid-state devices. The expected outcomes will lead to an innovative technology that waste heat recovery and refrigeration, which will place Australia at the forefront of practical energy technologies.
Grant type:
ARC Discovery Projects
Funded by:
Australian Research Council