Sitting, Standing and Moving: Evaluating the impact of health enhancing initiatives (2016–2022)

Prolonged sitting time has been linked to several adverse health outcomes including premature mortality. Public health momentum behind the identification of this new health risk has seen a sharp growth in programs to reduce the amount of time adults spend sitting and consequently increase standing and moving. Evaluation of the effectiveness of such interventions has been hampered by limitations in the methods currently available to measure changes in these behaviours. The program of research proposed here is aimed at developing and validating a suite of best practice self-report and device-based measures suitable for evaluating change in sitting, standing and moving across targeted and population-wide initiatives. This will be achieved through the analysis of data from existing intervention studies that have included self-report and device-based measures and via a series of smaller feasibility and validation studies piloting newer methods. The research program will be undertaken in collaboration with researchers on the NHMRC-CRE on Sitting Time and Chronic Disease Prevention, which provides opportunities to work with existing data sets and to be mentored by internationally-renowned researchers. My background in measurement research makes me highly suitable to lead this program. I have a strong track record of publication, especially in the area of measurement, and have experience in developing and evaluating self-report measures which have been adopted in Australian and international research programs and public health practice. This fellowship will establish my position as a leading researcher in measurement of sitting and physical activity. The studies will directly inform, and provide the opportunity for leadership on competitive grant funding, thus enhancing my career development. By establishing a rigorous, best-practice approach to evaluating sitting time interventions, this research program will ultimately contribute to improving the health of Australians.
Grant type:
NHMRC Early Career Fellowships
  • NHMRC Senior Research Fellow
    School of Public Health
    Faculty of Medicine
Funded by:
National Health and Medical Research Council