Conditional Welfare: A Comparative Case Study of Income Management Policies (2018–2022)

The research will be the first independent study into the ongoing expansion of compulsory income management in Australia, and its more recent introduction in New Zealand. Compulsory income management was introduced in Australia in 2007 as part of then Australian Government‿s Northern Territory Emergency Response. It has since been expanded in Australia to include young people and other groups considered ‿welfare dependent‿. The proposed research aims to explore the intended and unintended effects of the policy using an innovative methodology that incorporates a cross-national comparison of policy design and practice. A key benefit of the research will be a richer understanding of human agency, autonomy and social identity in social policy.
Grant type:
ARC Discovery Projects
  • Deputy Executive Dean
    Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
    Director, Centre for Policy Futures
    Centre for Policy Futures
    Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
Funded by:
Australian Research Council