The Philosophical Foundations of Womens Rights: A New History, 1600-1750 (ARC Discovery Project administered by Monash University) (2019–2022)

This project aims to show that the history of womens rights is much longer and richer than previously thought. There is a common perception that the notion of womens rights first emerged in the late eighteenth century. This project expects to generate a new understanding of feminist history by investigating several texts calling for the recognition of womens dignity, worth, nobility, and excellence (cognate concepts to rights) in England and Europe from 1600 to 1750, against the backdrop of the rise of Cartesianism. The anticipated outcome is greater awareness of an enduring feminist tradition within the history of philosophy. The expected social benefits include a shift in public thinking about feminist history and women in philosophy.
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Monash University
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    School of Historical and Philosophical Inquiry
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