Dr Gideon Steyl

Adjunct Associate Professor

School of Public Health
Faculty of Medicine


Gideon joined the School of Population Health as an Adjunk Associate Professor in 2014 and is a full time Principal in Hydrogeologist and Geochemist at GeoSquare Consulting Australia. Gideon has a broad set of skills which include chemistry, hydrogeology, applied mathematics and data analytics which he applies in environmental and health projects. He has an active industrial career with related work experience in the resources (including mining and gas) and environmental development sectors.

Prior to his move to Australia, his academic career spans more than a decade in South Africa (2001 - 2012) where he was an Associate Professor in Industrial and Environmental Chemistry and a Research Fellow at the Institue for Groundwater Studies at the University of the Free State. He led several research groups in an active research program. He has more than 60 publications in a number of peer-reviewed journal articles, book chapters and research reports both in Australia and internationally. During the past 14 years he has presented papers at national and international conferences on in chemistry and hydrogeological topics.

Gideon has completed a number of projects in the fields of environment, health and industry. He contributed to developing mitigation options for water spring impacts, managed aquifer recharge, brine disposal, risk assessments for stimulation, water quality monitoring and detection of anthropogenic impacts in the gas sector. Mining related contributions include the development of numerous sampling and analysis plans, monitoring plans, geochemical risk mitigation, placement design, emergency water treatment options and on-site water treatment options to mitigate long term risk. Give indication about funding – if not a number – at least indicate that you can generate research income His primary interest is in minimising environmental and human health impacts from industrial or human development in regional areas.

Gideon is an associate editor for Journal of Mine Water and the Environment and is an independent reviewer for a number journals and industrial reports in the mining, oil and gas sector.

Research Interests

  • Environmental Science and Engineering
    Research interest is focused on water related topics that range from industrial waste water discharge, hydrochemistry and geochemical processes. Water treatment is also included in this interest area but is mainly directed at mining environments, oil and gas related projects.