Professor Wendy Hoy

Professor of Medicine

UQ Centre for Clinical Research
Faculty of Medicine
+61 7 334 64809



  • MBBS, The University of Sydney
  • Bachelor of Science Med, The University of Sydney


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  • (2017) Doctor Philosophy

  • Doctor Philosophy

  • Doctor Philosophy

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Book Chapter

  • Bertram, John F., Hughson, Michael D., Puelles, Victor G. and Hoy, Wendy E. (2015). Variation in human nephron number and association with disease. In Melissa Little (Ed.), Kidney development, disease, repair and regeneration (pp. 167-175) London: Academic Press.

  • Hoy, W. E., Kondalsamy Chennakes, S., McDonald, S. P., Cass, A., Singh, G. R., Bertram, J. F. and Hughson, M. D. (2005). Chronic kidney disease in Aboriginal Australians. In M. E. L. Nahas (Ed.), Kidney Disease in Ethnic Minorities and the Developing World (pp. 305-333) New York, U.S.: Taylor & Francis.

  • Hoy, W. E., Mathews, J. D., Hargrave, J. C. and Pugsley, D. J. (1996). Diabetes and impaired glucose tolerance in an Aboriginal community in the Northern Territory of Australia. In Aboriginal health, social and cultural transitions (pp. 44-48) Darwin, NT, Australia: Northern Territory University.

  • Hoy, Wendy E., Pugsley, D., Hayhurst, B. and Mathews, J. (1995). Treatment of end stage renal disease in Aborigines in the Top End of the Northern Territory. In Aboriginal Health, Social and Cultural Transitions (pp. 39-43) Darwin, Australia: Northern Territory University.

  • Hoy, Wendy E. and Fitzsimmons, S. (1992). Epidemiology and public health perspectives of renal and urinary tract diseases. In John M. Last and Robert B. Wallace (Ed.), Maxcy Rosenau Last public health and preventive medicine 13th ed. () Norwalk, United States: Appleton and Lange.

  • Williams, RC, Troup, GM, Nelson, JL, Kostyu, DD, McAuley, JE, Pettitt, DJ, Knowler, WC, Templin, DW, Mickelson, EM, Hansen, JA and Hoy, Wendy E. (1992). Report of the North American Indian anthropology section. In Tsuji M, Aizawa M and Sasazuki T (Ed.), HLA 1991: Proceedings of the eleventh International Histocompatibility Workshop and Conference (pp. 683-685) Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press.

  • Freeman, R. B., Hoy, W. E. and Pabico, R. C. (1980). Complications in renal transplant recipients. In G. E. Schreiner and J. F. Winchester (Ed.), Controversies in Nephrology 1980 (pp. 342-351) Washinton, DC, United States: Georgetown University Press.

  • Weintraub, M. and Hoy, W. E. (1881). Enhancement of Drug Elimination in the Poisoned Patient. In R Lawrence (Ed.), Poison Control (pp. xxx-xxx) unsure: unsure.

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