Professor Claudio Mezzetti

Colin Clark Chair

School of Economics
Faculty of Business, Economics and Law
+61 7 336 56559



  • Doctor of Philosophy, Oxf.


  • Mezzetti, Claudio and Renou, Ludovic (2017) Repeated Nash implemenation. Theoretical Economics, 12 1: 249-285. doi:10.3982/TE1988

  • Marx, Leslie M., Mezzetti, Claudio and Marshall, Robert C. (2015) Antitrust leniency with multiproduct colluders. American Economic Journal: Microeconomics, 7 3: 205-240. doi:10.1257/mic.20140054

  • Marx, Leslie M. and Mezzetti, Claudio (2015). Leniency, profiling and reverse profiling: strategic challenges for competition authorities. In Caron Beaton-Wells and Christopher Tran (Ed.), Anti-cartel enforcement in a contemporary age: the leniency religion (pp. 107-122) Oxford, United Kingdom: Hart Publishing.

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