Dr Gary Osmond

ARC Future Fellowship

School of Human Movement and Nutrition Sciences
Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences

Affiliate Senior Lecturer

UQ Poche Centre for Indigenous Health
+61 7 334 67591


Gary has a range of research interests in the historical and contemporary dimensions of sport. These include Australian and Pacific aquatic sport, racial stereotyping, sport myth, social memory and sporting histories beyond the written word.

Gary gained his PhD in the field of sport history from the University of Queensland, following joint enrolment in the School of Human Movement Studies and the School of History, Philosophy, Religion and Classics. Dr Osmond teaches in the socio-cultural dimensions of sport and physical activities. He is a Chief Investigator on a ARC Linkage-funded digital history project on the Australian Paralympic Movement (2013-17).

Research Interests

  • Sport history
  • Indigenous Australia
  • Digital history
  • Race and sport
  • Visual representations
  • Material culture


  • Doctor of Philosophy, The University of Queensland


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  • Doctor Philosophy

  • Doctor Philosophy

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Book Chapter

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