Dr Omkar Deshmukh

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

School of Chemical Engineering
Faculty of Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology
+61 7 336 56195


Omkar received his Bachelor of Engineering degree in Chemical Engineering from the Sinhgad College of Engineering at the University of Pune, India. He further studied for his Master’s degree in Chemical Engineering at The Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay. There he worked with Prof. P. Sunthar on his thesis titled “Drop detachment dynamics of dilute polymer solutions”. After his master's degree, he worked as a Research Assistant under Dr Ashish Lele at the Complex Fluids and Polymer Engineering (CFPE) group at the National Chemical Laboratory, Pune. He went on to join the Physics of Complex Fluids (PCF) group at the University of Twente in The Netherlands as a PhD student. The title of his thesis was “Soft microgel particles at fluid interfaces”. In his thesis, he looked at the behaviour of thermosensitive microgel particles at fluid interfaces. His work provided a deeper understanding of the adsorption kinetics as well as the particle interactions and the resulting microstructure at the interface, which was crucial in the intelligent design of these microgel particles for applications like Pickering stabilisation of foams and emulsions.

Omkar has been a part of the Rheology, Tribology and Bio-lubrication group as a post-doctoral researcher since July 2015. His research currently focusses on developing a physical understanding of the texture and mouthfeel of various food products (esp. snack foods) that is perceived during various stages of oral processing of these food products. He uses various experimental techniques such as Rheology, Ring Shear Tester and Microscopy to investigate the physics behind texture perception. Other than foods, he is also interested in other areas of Soft Matter Physics like Colloids, Microrheology, Interfacial Rheology, Bio-physics, Soft glassy materials.


  • PhD in Applied Physics, The University of Twente


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