Associate Professor David Wyld

Academic Title-Associate Professor

Royal Brisbane Clinical Unit
Faculty of Medicine



  • MMedSc, The University of Queensland
  • MBBS, The University of Queensland


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Book Chapter

  • Troy, L., Littmann-Power, S. C., Kelly, B. J., Thomson, D. and Wyld, D. (1999). The impact of Cisplatin-based chemotherapy on everyday attention. In Brain Impairment and Rehabilitation: A National Perspective (pp. 140-142) Brisbane: Aust. Academic Press.

  • Wyld, D. (1998). Breast cancer. In G D Hall, P M Patel and A S Protheroe (Ed.), Key Topics in Oncology 1 ed. (pp. 30-36) Oxford, United Kingdom: Bios Scientific Publication.

Journal Article

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