Dr Amanda Niehaus

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

School of Biological Sciences
Faculty of Science


After an MSc studying shorebird migration, and a PhD modeling the responses of tadpoles to thermal variation, and a daughter, and cancer, and 5 years away from academia ... I returned to UQ in 2013 with an ARC Early-Career Research Fellowship and a new research focus - AGEING.

Research Interests

  • Ageing
    I'm interested in understanding the evolution of lifespan and the role of the environment in ageing. Currently, I'm looking at how energetic demands during growth and breeding affect the health and longevity of two species of semelparous marsupials (which die post-mating) - northern quolls and yellow footed antechinus. I'm collaborating with A/Prof Robbie Wilson at UQ to examine the ageing of muscle function and motor performance and with Dr Beata Ujvari at Deakin University to discover how telomere lengths change over the lifetimes of these animals. I am also working with Prof Bill Von Hippel in the UQ School of Psychology to understand how energetic and emotional demands influence rates of ageing in humans. I believe the best new ideas come from cross-disciplinary research, so I'm always keen to collaborate!


  • Bachelor of Science, University of Iowa
  • Masters, Simon Fraser University
  • PhD, The University of Queensland


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