Dr Friederike Beker

Academic Title-Senior Lecturer

Mater Clinical Unit
Faculty of Medicine


Research Interests

  • Neonatology
    Ultrasound, Nutrition, Cardiovascular
  • Intracellular Calcium Regulation
    Fura - 2, confocal imaging,


  • Bloomfield, Frank H., Harding, Jane E., Meyer, Michael P., Alsweiler, Jane M., Jiang, Yannan, Wall, Clare R., Alexander, Tanith, DIAMOND Study Group, Asadi, Sharin, Beker, Friederike, Cameron-Smith, David, Chong, Clara Y.L., Crowther, Caroline A., Galante, Laura, Milan, Amber, Muelbert, Mariana, O'Sullivan, Justin M. and van den Boom, Jutta M. (2018) The DIAMOND trial - DIfferent Approaches to MOderate & late preterm Nutrition: Determinants of feed tolerance, body composition and development: Protocol of a randomised trial. BMC Pediatrics, 18 1: . doi:10.1186/s12887-018-1195-7

  • Bloomfield, Frank H., Alexander, Tanith, Muelbert, Mariana and Beker, Friederike (2017) Smell and taste in the preterm infant. Early Human Development, 114 31-34. doi:10.1016/j.earlhumdev.2017.09.012

  • Lao, Jason Chun, Pang, Merrin A., Malhotra, Atul, Tan, Kenneth, Beker, Friederike, Konig, Kai, Collins, Clare, Theda, Christiane, Kamlin, C. Omar, Yeomans, Emma, Elsayed, Kristy, Noble, Elizabeth, Walsh, Geraldine, Argus, Brenda, Twitchell, Emily, Berger, Philip, Veldman, Alex, Nold-Petry, Claudia A. and Nold, Marcel Friedrich (2017). Defining T helper cell immunity in bronchopulmonary dysplasia. In: Immunology 2017, Washington DC, United States, (). 12-16 May 2017.

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