Dr Renjie Zhou

Lecturer in Tectonics

School of Earth and Environmental Sciences
Faculty of Science
+61 7 344 31437


Renjie Zhou joined the Earth Science faculty at The University of Queensland as a lecturer in 2018. He studies orogenic systems through basin analysis and multi-system geochronology and thermochronology. He currently works in the Himalayan and central Andean mountains and has collaborative projects in Eastern Australia. Renjie Zhou specializes in thermochronology, particularly in the fission track methods, with current laboratory activities on both fission-track and laser ablation dating methods.

Please visit my personal website: rzhou.com

Tectonics and Biostratigraphy Research Group website: tebiresearch.org

Student opportunities: We are always looking for self-motivated team players to study their Honours, Masters or PhD projects with us. Feel free to contact me for general information, available projects or propose your own topics.

Research in Tectonics at UQ: There are over a dozen of academic members here who work on topics related to tectonics, both within and outside of our group, the Tectonics and Biostratigraphy Research Group. Our research is supported by excellent in-house facilities, including high-quality rock sample preparation lines and over 10 mass spectrometers.


  • Doctor of Philosophy, Univeristy of Toronto


  • Krishnasamy, Rathika and Gray, Nicholas A. (2018) Low socio-economic status adversely effects dialysis survival in Australia. Nephrology, 23 5: 453-460. doi:10.1111/nep.13053trajectAim: Low socio-economic status (SES) is associated with increased incidence of end-stage kidney disease and in the USA, poorer dialysis survival. All Australians have access to a universal healthcare system. Methods: The study included all non-indigenous adult Australians registered with the Australia and New Zealand Dialysis and Transplant Registry who commenced dialysis between 2003 and 2013. SES at dialysis start was classified into quartiles of advantaged through to disadvantaged using Australian Bureau of Statistics socio-economic indexes for areas. The primary outcome was survival assessed using a competing risk regression model with renal transplantation as a competing risk. There was a significant interaction between age and SES, and hence, age-stratified survival analyses were performed. Results: A total 20 810 commenced dialysis during the study period. Mortality for the most advantaged quartile was 102.4/1000 person–years (95% confidence interval (CI) 98.0–106.9) compared with 110.7/1000 person–year

  • Bai, Yueyue, Liu, Zhaojun, Sun, Pingchang, Liu, Rong, Hu, Xiaofeng, Zhou, Renjie, Xu, Yinbo, Zhao, Hanqing and Wang, Jianpeng (2017) Diverse sedimentary conditions during deposition Of coal and oil shale from the Meihe Basin (Eocene, NE China). Journal of Sedimentary Research, 87 10: 1100-1120. doi:10.2110/jsr.2017.60

  • Wang, Yang, Schoenbohm, Lindsay M., Zhang, Bo, Granger, Darryl E., Zhou, Renjie, Zhang, Jinjiang and Hou, Jianjun (2017) Late Cenozoic landscape evolution along the Ailao Shan Shear Zone, SE Tibetan Plateau: evidence from fluvial longitudinal profiles and cosmogenic erosion rates. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 472 323-333. doi:10.1016/j.epsl.2017.05.030

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