Honorary Professor Brij Lal

Honorary Professor

School of Historical and Philosophical Inquiry
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences


Brij was born in Fiji and received his university education there, in Canada and Australia. He has taught history at the University of the South Pacific, the University of Papua New Guinea, the University of Hawaii at Manoa and the Australian National University where he was Professor of Pacific and Asian History from 1990-2016. His many awards have included Fellowship of the Australian Humanities Academy, Pacific Distinguished Scholar Medal, Centenary Medal of the Government of Australia, Officer of the Order of Fiji and in 2015, Member of the Order of Australia. He does serious scholarship for a living and writes creative non-fiction (Faction) for fun. His hobbies are bush walking and watching cricket.

Research Interests

  • Pacific Islands History
  • The Indian Diaspora
  • Historiography
  • Creative non-fiction writing


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Book Chapter

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