Dr Paul Tyson

Honorary Senior Fellow

School of Historical and Philosophical Inquiry
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
+61 7 336 59736


Research Interests

My interests are strongly interdisciplinary across the broad fields of the Social Sciences, Philosophy and Theology. The manner in which knowledge, power and belief interact with each other, constructing and challenging our life-world, is my main area of interest. Within philosophy, my area of academic specialization is Plato with a particular interest in epistemology, metaphysics and the Christian Platonism of Patristic and Medieval thought. Within theology, my areas of specialization are Kierkegaard and John Milbank, concerned primarily with theological epistemology, political theology, and the theological genealogy of secular modernity. Within the social sciences, my areas of specialization are the sociology of knowledge and the sociology of religion, drawing on Peter Berger’s work, and the sociology of technology and media studies, drawing on the work of Jacques Ellul.

Current Research Interests

At present I am exploring how different philosophies of matter produce different philosophies of nature, and hence different conceptions of science, and hence different conceptions of religion and theolog. This is a part of my interst in 'science and religion.'

Current Research Projects

I am co-ordinating the 'After Science and Religion' Project. This project asks metaphysical theologians from the Christian traditions to re-think both science and religion without presupposing Victorian era defined notions of what science and religion are.

PhD Supervision

I am the assistant supervisor for Elizabeth Culhane. Ms Culhane’s thesis is an exploration of Pryzwara’s Analogia Entis as an avenue for understanding the possibility horizons interfacing Thomistic theological metaphysics and epistemology with ‘Continental’ thinking.


  • Doctor of Philosophy, Qld. UT


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  • Doctor Philosophy

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Book Chapter

  • Tyson, Paul (2021). "Unemployment and the Redundant God". Pub Theology . (pp. 131-138) Manchester, United Kingdom: Piquant Editions.

  • Tyson, Paul (2019). Mammon and the subversion of values: a theological analysis. Divinization and Technology: The Political Anthropology of Subversion. (pp. 150-164) edited by Agnes Horvath, Camil Roman and Gil Germain. New York, NY, United States: Routledge. doi: 10.4324/9781351119627-9

  • Tyson, Paul (2018). Freedom and necessity: Yannaras and the global struggle for life. Polis, ontology, ecclesial event: engaging with Christos Yannaras' thought. (pp. 80-98) edited by Sotiris Mitralexis, Andreas Andreopoulos, Isidoros Katsos, Dionisos Skliris and Pui Him Ip. Cambridge, United Kingdom: James Clarke & Co.

  • Tyson, Paul (2015). Towards a Prophetic Response to Global Financial Idolatry. God at the Borders: Globalization, Migration and Diaspora. (pp. 15-33) edited by Charles R. Ringma, Karen Hollenbeck-Wuest and Athena O. Gorospe. Mandaluyon, Philippines: OMF Literature.

  • Tyson, Paul (2007). Plato against Ontotheology. Belief and Metaphysics. (pp. 393-412) edited by Conor Cunningham and Peter M. Candler. London, United Kingdom: SCM Press.

  • Tyson, Paul (1994). “Darkness is as light to you” on Psalms, Kierkegaard and apophaticism. Gentle Darkness. (pp. 188-196) edited by Croucher, Rowland. Sydney, Australia: Albatross Books.

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