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School of Communication and Arts
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Associate Professor Jane Stadler teaches and researches in Film and Media Studies at the University of Queensland. She joined the School of Communication and Arts in 2006 and previously worked at the University of Cape Town, South Africa, and Murdoch University in Western Australia. Research interests include film and philosophy, media and identity, cult media, ethics, phenomenological film theory and analysis, cognitive theories of narrative and spectatorship, location and landscape (particularly in Australian cinema), and digital cartography.

Research Interests

  • cinema studies
  • media studies

Research Impacts

In collaboration with Dr Peta Mitchell and Dr Stephen Carleton, Associate Professor Stadler leads a cultural heritage project, The Cultural Atlas of Australia, which is funded by an ARC Discovery Grant (2011-2013) and housed at The University of Queensland. The Cultural Atlas of Australia is an interactive digital map that explores Australian places and locations used as settings in films, novels, and plays. Representing the first national survey of Australian narrative space across these three mediums, the Cultural Atlas of Australia enables people to map the country's cultural landscape. People can apply the map to their own research projects, plan cultural tours and site visits, or simply get to know part of the country better through identifying the fiction that has represented it. Associate Professor Stadler also leads a science engagement project, "Mapping Ecological Themes in Australian Film and Literature," which is sponsored by Inspiring Australia and which maps ecological concerns and locates scientific issues in the landscapes of Australian narratives that foreground ecocultural themes or are set in sensitive areas. Together these research projects and engagement initiatives aim to transfer knowledge between universities, the creative industries, and the community.


  • Bachelor of Arts, Murdoch University
  • PhD, Murdoch University


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Book Chapter

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Journal Article

Conference Publication

  • Morrison, Andrew, Deacon, Andrew and Stadler, Jane (2005). Designs for learning about film spectatorship. In: Conference Proceedings: Nordic Design Research Conference: In the Making. Nordic Design Research Conference: In the Making, Copenhagen, Denmark, (1-10). 29–31 May 2005.

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