Dr Stefanie Hennig


School of Pharmacy
Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences
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My research focuses on the application of pharmacometric methods. Pharmacometrics is the quantitative description of the behaviour of drugs in the body and their effect size using mathematical models to be able to improve personalised dosing strategies and consequently improving therapy outcomes.

Dr Stefanie Hennig graduated as a Pharmacist with a Masters of Science degree at the Ernst-Moritz-Arndt-University in Greifswald, Germany in 2001.

After working in pharmacies throughout Germany, she started working at the Royal Children's Hospital in Brisbane while obtaining her PhD at the University of Queensland in 2006. She established more appropriate dosing schedules of antimicrobial drugs in cystic fibrosis patients, particularly in children, using the population modelling approach during her PhD. Afterwards she was a postdoctoral fellow at UQ and at the Uppsala University in Sweden, where she had the opportunity to work, learn and teach with Prof. Mats Karlsson and his group, which is arguably one of the largest and most renowned groups world wide in the pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic (PKPD) modeling and simulation area. This has given her an excellent and extensive background and also specific technical knowledge in PKPD modeling and simulation and optimal design.

Stefanie joined the School of Pharmacy in 2011 as a Lecturer, after returning from Sweden and has since then worked in areas of optimal design, pharmacokinetic projects on several antimircrobial agents, TB and HIV drugs as well as anticancer agents.

Research interests for future RhD students:

My research area is Pharmacometrics and applicable to any therapeutic area, in particular:

  • Concepts, methodology and application of population pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic modelling and simulation approach (Pharmacometrics)
  • Application of optimal experimental design theory to improve clinical trial design.

RHD students will be trained in:

  • the area of pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic modelling and simulation and optimal experimental design reaching from clinical questions to drug discovery
  • Programs that are used by students in my group include: NONMEM, PsN , WFN, Xpose, R, Pirana, Berkley Madonna, PopED, WinPOPT, Monolix
  • Students in this group have been attending a variety of conferences including: PAGE, PAGANZ, ASCEPT, WCOP
  • Researchers trained in the Pharmacometric area are highly sought after in academia and even more so in the pharmaceutical industry and will have the unique opportunity to change patients care in a clinical setting with their gained knowledge.
  • I encourage honours, postgraduate students and post-doctoral researchers from a diverse array of backgrounds including Pharmacy, Science, Engineering, Pharmacology, Biotechnology and Health Science to contact her via email or phone to discuss research opportunities.

Current Team Members

  • Carolina Consuelo Llanos Paez (PhD student, BECAS-Chile (CONYCYT) Scholarship
  • Angela Williams (PhD student)
  • Rachael Lawson ( PhD student)
  • Rani Gerorge (PhD student, Griffith University collaboration)
  • Yanhua Gao (BPharm student (Major Clin Ther))
  • Marc Burgard (International Intern Student - Germany)

Previous Team Members/ Completed Students

  • Sabariah Noor Harun (PhD student, Malaysian government scholarship)
  • Samantha Nelis (PhD student)
  • Sudeep Bista (PhD student, Griffith University collaboration)
  • Christina Chau (MClinPharm student)
  • Sophie Paviour (BPharm (Postgrad Hon))
  • Yuan Tshao Beverly Teo (BPharm (1st Class Hon))
  • Marianne Fenton (Research officer)
  • Elisabet Størset (UQ Summer Research Student - Norway)
  • Franziska Stiller, Hana Starobova, Alexander Mueller (International Intern Students - Germany)
  • Celeste Bloomfield (BPharm (1st Class Hon))
  • Daniel Natanek (BPharm (1st Class Hon))
  • Violet Zhu (BPharm (Major Clin Ther, 1st class Hon))
  • Michael van Esdonk (International intern student, Masters in Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences, from Leiden University, The Netherlands)
  • Lachlan Paterson (BPharm (Major Clin Ther, 1st class Hon))


  • PhD, The University of Queensland
  • MSc, University of Greifswald
  • BPharm, University of Greifswald


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Other Outputs

  • Hennig, Stefanie (2006). Population pharmacokinetics of itraconazole PhD Thesis, School of Pharmacy, The University of Queensland.

  • Hennig, Stefanie and Klein, Kerenaftali : Balanced prior data. The University of Queensland. Dataset. doi:10.14264/uql.2016.141

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