Dr Katrina Ki

Postdoctoral Research Officer

Prince Charles Hospital Northside Clinical Unit
Faculty of Medicine



  • Doctor of Philosophy, The University of Queensland


  • Ki, Katrina K., Passmore, Margaret R., Chan, Chris H. H., Malfertheiner, Maximilian V., Fanning, Jonathon P., Bouquet, Mahé, Millar, Jonathan E., Fraser, John F. and Suen, Jacky Y. (2019) Low flow rate alters haemostatic parameters in an ex-vivo extracorporeal membrane oxygenation circuit. Intensive Care Medicine Experimental, 7 1: 51. doi:10.1186/s40635-019-0264-z

  • Cho, Hwa Jin, Hong, Hyun, Kim, Do Wan, Lee, Kyo Seon, Han, Hwa Seon, Kim, Geum Hee, Choi, Kyung Soon, Kim, Yong Sook, Qayumov, Muhamadjon, Katrina Ki, Suen, Jacky, Fraser, John F. and Jeong, In Seok (2019) Viability of Mesenchymal Stem Cells in an Ex Vivo Circulation System. ASAIO journal (American Society for Artificial Internal Organs : 1992), 66 4: 1-440.doi:10.1097/mat.0000000000001025

  • Ki, Katrina K., Passmore, Margaret R., Chan, Chris Hoi Houng, Malfertheiner, Maximillian V, Bouquet, Mahe, Cho, Hwa Jin, Suen, Jacky Y. and Fraser, John F. (2019) Effect of ex vivo extracorporeal membrane oxygenation flow dynamics on immune response. Perfusion, 34 1_suppl: 5-14. doi:10.1177/0267659119830012

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