Dr Lennert Veerman

Senior Research Fellow

School of Public Health
Faculty of Medicine
+61 7 336 55367


Dr Veerman leads the Burden of Disease and Cost-Effectiveness unit at UQ’s School of Public Health. He is a Dutch-trained public health physician with passion for healthy physical, economic, social and natural environments. He has published on a broad range of topics including obesity and other risk factors for chronic disease, philosophy of science, mathematical modelling, genetic screening and the epidemiology of depression. His PhD at the Erasmus University Rotterdam focused on the role of quantitative predictions of health effects in Health Impact Assessment. Upon moving to Australia in 2007, he expanded the scope of his work to include economics, and now has a strong profile in epidemiological modelling, burden of disease studies, and the cost-effectiveness of prevention.

Dr Veerman gives direction to an expanding programme of work in the area of physical activity, diet, and body mass, leading a team of 3 economists and two public health researchers. Most of this work involves collaboration with other research groups across Australia and overseas, and with sectors other than health care; sectors that are key to improving population exposure to many of the major determinants of health.

Dr Veerman is also a highly skilled educator, and his current roles include that of Program Director for the School of Public Health’s flagship Master in Public Health program.

Research Interests

  • Effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of prevention in the area of physical activity, diet and body mass
    Using life course epidemiological modelling

Research Impacts

Lennert was one of the researchers on the 5-year NHMRC-funded 'Assessing Cost-Effectiveness in Prevention' (ACE Prevention) project, leading the work on obesity and osteoporosis and contributing to that on consumption of salt and fruits and vegetables. This work was well-received in policy circles in the various Australian capital cities, although (unsurprisingly) its far-reaching recommendations to regulate and/or tax unhealthy foods to improve population health are yet awaiting implementation.

Work with UQ's Cancer Prevention Research Center and the Baker IDI has contributed to public understanding of the negative health consequences of too much sitting with a paper that showed that every hour of TV viewing is associated with a loss of 22 minutes of lifetime. The paper received worldwide media attention, including from Time Magazine, The Guardian, The Times, and 275 more, and interviews with radio stations in all Australian capital cities except Hobart, and abroad, and a prominent mention in a YouTube video with over 3.5 million views (at 7’35’’).

A commentary in PLoS Medicine entitled ‘On The Futility Of Screening For Genes That Make You Fat’ also generated much press attention and was accessed 5,000 times in the first two months.

A study with researchers in Europe showed that the famous epidemiologist Geoffrey Rose was correct when he postulated - but, in the absence of the requisite data, could not prove - that underlying the prevalence of depression, there is a population distribution of mood with predictable characteristics. This changes the way we look at depression from a yes/no issue to a matter of degree, and opens the search for societal-level factors that make some populations more prone to depression than others.

Work on quantitative methods for Health Impact Assessment and the philosophical underpinning of that field have helped advance the ideal of health in all policies.


  • Doctor of Philosophy, Erasmus University of Rotterdam
  • Master of Public Health, Netherlands Institute
  • Bachelor of Medicine, Free University Amsterdam


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Book Chapter

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Journal Article

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  • Doctor Philosophy — Principal Advisor

    Other advisors:

  • Doctor Philosophy — Principal Advisor

  • Doctor Philosophy — Principal Advisor

    Other advisors: