Dr Ran Wang

Honorary Fellow

Mater Research Institute-UQ
Faculty of Medicine



  • Amir, Mohammed, Chaudhari, Sweena, Wang, Ran, Campbell, Sean, Mosure, Sarah A., Chopp, Laura B., Lu, Qun, Shang, Jinsai, Pelletier, Oliver B., He, Yuanjun, Doebelin, Christelle, Cameron, Michael D., Kojetin, Douglas J., Kamenecka, Theodore M. and Solt, Laura A. (2018) REV-ERBα regulates T(H)17 cell development and autoimmunity. Cell Reports, 25 13: . doi:10.1016/j.celrep.2018.11.101

  • Wang, Ran, Moniruzzaman, Md., Shuffle, Eric, Lourie, Rohan and Hasnain, Sumaira Z. (2018) Immune regulation of the unfolded protein response at the mucosal barrier in viral infection. Clinical & Translational Immunology, 7 4: . doi:10.1002/cti2.1014

  • Borg, Danielle J., Wang, Ran, Murray, Lydia, Tong, Hui, Steptoe, Raymond J., McGuckin, Michael A. and Hasnain, Sumaira Z. (2017) The effect of interleukin-22 treatment on autoimmune diabetes in the NOD mouse. Diabetologia, 60 11: 1-6. doi:10.1007/s00125-017-4392-2

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