Dr Kylie Wall

Research Officer

RECOVER Injury Research Centre
Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences
+61 7 334 64624


Dr Kylie Wall joined the RECOVER Injury Research Centre as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in 2018. Her main research interest involves using technology, particularly virtual reality, to improve functional outcomes for adults with acquired brain injuries. Kylie also has an interest in data analytics, where she works with a physicist to apply machine learning methods to advance the reporting of telehealth data. Kylie also has prior lecturing and post-gradadyte tutoring experience in various areas of Speech Pathology.

Kylie also has extensive experience as a clinical Speech Pathologist working in adult neurosciences. She is a member of the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital Human Research Ethics Committee.

Research Interests

  • Usingn technology to assess communication and cognition in acquired brain injury
    My technology interests are virtual reality, wearables, voice recognition and using novel data analytics to streamline data directly to doctors and allied health staff and use data banks to ask big questions.

Research Impacts

  • My primary goal is to use technology, such as virtual reality, to permit assessment and interventions that are unable to be done in the clinical or community setting that may not be achieveable in usual practice. I work collaboratively with industry that inclues a multi-discipliary team, which includes patients. This technology can augment and change the way assessment for individuals with acquired injury (and more) occur and provide a safe method and innovative methods to improve outcomes for individuals with acquired brain injury and reduce the high economic burden with these individuals with chronic conditions.
  • My interest in working with engineers and mathematicians in data analytics to provice an alternative way to report clinical findings by using big data sets and data linkages to enable data driven answers to bigger health related questiions. In doing this, the way reseachers and clinical need to improve the quality and consitency of their data collection methods.


  • Doctor of Philoshopy, The University of Queensland


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Book Chapter

  • Naguleswaran, Sanjeev, Wall, Kylie and Grimmer, Karen (2016). Data analytics for enabling connected health. In Francisco Florez-Revuelta and Alexandros Andre Chaaraoui (Ed.), Active and assisted living: technologies and applications (pp. 163-176) London, United Kingdom: Institution of Engineering and Technology. doi:10.1049/pbhe006e_ch9

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