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A/Prof Mark D. Chatfield is a diligent, experienced biostatistician. He has substantial involvement with randomised trials and is the trials and meta-analysis statistics expert within the Faculty's Research and Statistical Support Service (RASSS).

In collaboration with other researchers, he has published over 135 times in academic journals and has been/is an investigator on 16 NHMRC/MRFF funded (>$30,000,000) grant applications (mostly RCTs). He has co-supervised one PhD student to completion, and is currently an advisor to 7 PhD students.

He is regularly invited to be a statistical collaborator, advisor or consultant by researchers from:

- Centre for Clinical Research [UQCCR]

- Child Health Research Centre [CHRC]

- Centre for Health Services Research [CHSR]

- School of Public Health [SPH]

In 2020, Mark was awarded The Outstanding Mid-Career Researcher within CHSR. Mark is a main contributor to the Faculty's Statistics Service, which was nominated for a Service Excellence Award in 2019 & 2020.

He is an Honorary Fellow (Associate Professor, 2016-present) with Menzies School of Health Research, where he worked 2012-2017. He has also worked at QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute (2017-8), NHMRC Clinical Trials Centre, University of Sydney (2009-2012), UK MRC Human Nutrition Research (2006-9), Department of Public Health and Primary Care, University of Cambridge (2002-6).

Research Interests

  • Randomised Controlled Trials (RCTs)
    I have substantial involvement with trials of various designs. I make significant contributions to funding applications, trial design, analysis, presentation and interpretation. I am involved with methodological research into cluster randomised trials (ICC for binary outcomes, stepped wedge designs), sample size, width of 95% CI. I am a member of Australian Clinical Trials Alliance (ACTA) Statistics in Trials Interest Group (STInG). I have judged ACTA's Excellence in Trial Statistics Award in recent years. I have been a NHMRC & MRFF trials grant review panel member.
  • Meta analysis
    While involved with different types of meta-analysis, I am especially interested in the meta-analysis of continuous outcomes from RCTs. I teach meta-analysis in RevMan and Stata each year. I am a member of the Cochrane Statistical Methods Group.
  • Other stats
    I am currently thinking deeply about Bland-Altman plots and the analysis and reporting of lognormal variables. I am a Fellow of the Royal Statistical Society (2002-present). I have reviewed many articles for The Lancet.
  • Stata statistical software
    I am a Stata expert, and have contributed several programs; some of which are useful for the systems for the transparent and reproducible organisation of statistical analyses of a study’s data, while others concern deciding on the sample size of a RCT. They include: (1) table1_mc ... create "table 1" of baseline characteristics for a manuscript, (2) precombine... examine n ≥ 2 datasets before combining, (3) labeldatasyntax... produce syntax to label variables and values, given a data dictionary, (4) power tworates_zhu... calculate sample size or power for a two-sample test of rates, (5) ciwidth proportions_mc... calculate precision and power for a CI-based comparison of two independent proportions (RD, RR, or OR). For more:


  • Master of Arts, Oxford
  • Bachelor of Arts in Mathematical Sciences, Oxf.
  • Master of Science Statistics, University of Southampton


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  • Fleming, Jane, Matthews, Fiona E., Chatfield, Mark and Brayne, Carol (2006). Population levels of mild cognitive impairment in England and Wales. Mild Cognitive Impairment: International Perspectives. (pp. 77-91) edited by Holly A. Tuokko and David F. Hultsch. New York, NY, United States: Taylor and Francis. doi: 10.4324/9780203782996

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