Ms Jessica Hamilton

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

School of Earth and Environmental Sciences
Faculty of Science
+61 7 334 64569


My current research interests are in environmental geochemistry and mineralogy, with a focus on mined landscapes.

I completed my PhD at Monash University, on carbon sequestration within ultramafic mine tailings, via natural and accelerated mineral weathering reactions. I investigated environmental risks associated with accelerated mineral carbonation, and identified opportunities for trace element recovery. I also tested geochemical treatments to accelerate CO2 trapping in laboratroy and field experimnets.

My current postdoctoral position involves developing bioremediation strategies for alkaline mineral waste. The aim of this research is to transform mineral wastes produced by mining, that are characterised by extremes of pH, salinity, nutrient deficiency and trace element toxicity, into viable soils.

I enjoy integrating characterisation of the micro-scale with application at the field-scale, and am passionate about finding new opportunities to utilise mineral wastes, from carbon sequestration, to soil formation, to trace metal recovery.


  • Doctor of Philosophy, Monash University
  • Bachelor of Science, Monash University


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