Dr Ida Asadi Someh

Lecturer in BIS

School of Business
Faculty of Business, Economics and Law


Dr Ida Asadi Someh is a lecturer in the Business Information Systems discipline at the UQ Business School, The University of Queensland, Australia, and a research affiliate at the Centre for Information Systems Research (CISR), MIT Sloan School of Management, US. Her research focuses on organizational and societal impact of data, analytics and artificial intelligence. She completed her PhD in 2015 at The University of Melbourne and was awarded the best PhD thesis in Melbourne School of Engineering, and the Vice Chancellor’s PhD Prize at The University of Melbourne.

Ida teaches business analytics in undergraduate and postgraduate information systems programs. She previously has taught databases and data warehousing to both computing and information systems students.

Research Interests

  • Business Analytics
    The goal of this research is to help organizations create value from business analytics systems. This research focuses on the use and value of data for decision making as well as data governance to better manage the risks associated with data-driven decision making.
  • Big Data and Society
    This research explores the impact of big data and artificial intelligence on society. It particularly focuses on issues related to ethics, privacy and accountability as data and algorithms become pervasively used for decision making. The goal of this research is to create pathways to better distribute the value of data-driven services between various stakeholders.
  • Business Value of IT
    The goal of this research is to help organizations maximise the value from their IT investments. It includes explaining how value is created as well as approaches to measure the impact of IT.


  • Doctor of Philosophy, The University of Melbourne


  • Alfaro, Elena, Bressan, Marco, Girardin, Fabien, Murillo, Juan, Someh, Ida and H. Wixom, Barbara (2019) BBVA’s data monetization journey. MIS Quarterly Executive, 18 2: 117-128. doi:10.17705/2msqe.00011

  • Someh, Ida, Davern, Michael, Breidbach, Christoph F. and Shanks, Graeme (2019) Ethical Issues in Big Data Analytics: A Stakeholder Perspective. Communications of the Association for Information Systems, 718-747. doi:10.17705/1cais.04434

  • Someh, Ida, Shanks, Graeme and Davern, Michael (2019) Reconceptualizing synergy to explain the value of business analytics systems. Journal of Information Technology, . doi:10.1177/0268396218816210

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Book Chapter

  • Breidbach, Christoph F., Davern, Michael, Shanks, Graeme and Asadi-Someh, Ida (2018). On the Ethical Implications of Big Data in Service Systems. In Handbook of Service Science, Volume II (pp. 661-674) Cham, Switzerland: Springer International Publishing. doi:10.1007/978-3-319-98512-1_29

Journal Article

Conference Publication

  • Someh, Ida, Jafari Songhori, Mohsen, Wixom, Barbara and Shanks, Graeme (2018). Emergence of data and non-data team networks: an agent-based model. In: Thirty Ninth International Conference on Information Systems. International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS), San Francisco, CA United States, (). 13-16 December 2018.

  • Tona, Olgerta, Someh, Ida Asadi, Mohajeri, Kaveh, Shanks, Graeme, Davern, Michael, Carlsson, Sven and Kajtazi, Miranda (2018). Towards Ethical Big Data Artifacts: A Conceptual Design. In: Proceedings of the 51st Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences. Proceedings of the 51st Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences, Hilton Waikoloa Village, Hawaii, (4523-4532). Jan 3-6, 2018. doi:10.24251/hicss.2018.571

  • Asadi Someh, Ida, Wixom, Barbara, Davern, Michael and Shanks, Graeme (2017). Enablers and mechanisms: practices for achieving synergy with business analytics. In: Proceedings of the 50th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (2017). Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences, Waikoloa, HI, United States, (5358-5367). 4-7 January 2017. doi:10.24251/hicss.2017.649

  • Asadi Someh I., Breidbach C. F., Davern M. and Shanks G. (2016). Ethical implications of big data analytics. In: 24th European Conference on Information Systems, ECIS 2016, Istanbul, Turkey, (). 12 - 15 June, 2016.

  • Asadi Someh, Ida, Frampton, Keith, Davern, Michael and Shanks, Graeme (2016). The role of synergy in using enterprise architecture for business transformation. In: 24th European Conference on Information Systems, ECIS 2016. European Conference on Information Systems, Istanbul, Turkey, (). 12-15 June 2016.

  • Asadi Someh I. and Shanks G. (2015). How business analytics systems provide benefits and contribute to firm performance?. In: 23rd European Conference on Information Systems, ECIS 2015, Munster, Germany, (). 26 - 29 May, 2015.

  • Someh I. A. and Shanks G. (2014). Complementarity of informational and transactional IT systems in generating IT-based business value. In: 8th Information Systems Foundations Workshop, WISF 2014, Canberra, Australia, (). 2 - 3 October, 2014.

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