Dr Duncan Keenan-Jones

Lecturer in Ancient History

School of Historical and Philosophical Inquiry
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
+61 7 336 56639


Duncan is Lecturer in Ancient History at the University of Queensland. His research focuses on the relationship between environment, technology and society in the Roman world and he has a current project on the role of climate in Roman history. He currently holds the HASS Faculty Fellowship at UQ's Centre for Policy Futures,

Before taking up the position at UQ, he held postdoctoral positions at the Collegium de Lyon (2017-2018), University of Glasgow (2014 - 2017) and the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign (2011-2014). Duncan's doctoral thesis (Macquarie University, 2011), investigated the creation and social and environmental impacts of a unique, regional water supply network. Before his Masters of Arts in Ancient History (Macquarie, 2006), Duncan completed an honours degree in chemical engineering.

Research Interests

  • Mediterranean (geo-)archaeology
  • Roman History
  • Ancient Mediterranean climate and environment
  • Automata and other ancient machines
  • Past water management

Research Impacts

Duncan's research helps us understand our long history of using technology and changing our environment. The records of past Italian climate Duncan is producing will form a part of global climate research initiatives, helping to improve the climate-model simulations used to predict future climatic variation. This will allow impacts to be better understood and responses more appropriately planned.

At the Centre for Policy Futures, Duncan is using a deep history approach and lessons from past experience to inform current water and flood plain management in Australia and around the world.


  • Master of Arts in Ancient History, Macquarie University
  • Doctor of Philosophy, Macquarie University


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Book Chapter

  • Keenan-Jones, Duncan (2015). Water. The Encyclopedia of Ancient History. (pp. 1-2) Hoboken, NJ, United States: John Wiley & Sons. doi: 10.1002/9781444338386.wbeah25071

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