Professor Tianzi Jiang

Professorial Research Fellow

Queensland Brain Institute
+61 7 334 66334


Tianzi Jiang is Professor of Brain Imaging and Brain Disorders, Institute Automation of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CASIA), and Professor of Queensland Brain Institute, University of Queensland. He is the director of the Brainnetome Center and the Chinese Director of the Sino-French Laboratory in Computer Science, Automation and Applied Mathematics (LIAMA), one National Center for International Research, since 2006. His research interests include neuroimaging, Brainnetome, imaging genetics, and their clinical applications in brain disorders and development. He is the author or co-author of over 190 reviewed journal papers in these fields and the co-editor of six issues of the Lecture Notes in Computer Sciences. He is Associate Editor of IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging, IEEE Transactions on Autonomous Mental Development, Neuroscience Bulletin and an Academic Editor of PLoS One.

Research Interests

  • faulty brain networks
    Convergent evidence has shown that brain functions can manifest on brain networks on different scales and brain malfunctions caused with most psychiatric disorders are faulty brain networks. In order to understand how the brain works and the pathophysiological mechanism of psychiatric disorders, it is necessary to integrate the multi-level network features obtained with various functional and anatomical brain imaging technologies on different scales. We have proposed a new concept of “Brainnetome” ( to represent such integration framework. We define the essential components of brainnetome as identification of brain networks. (connectome), dynamics and characteristics of brain networks, network manifestation of functions and malfunctions of the brain, genetic basis of brain networks, and simulating and modeling for the Brainnetome. Our laboratory here closely collaborates with researchers of Brainnetome Center in Beijing and its Branch at the University of Electronic Science and Technology in Chengdu, to study basic theory, methodologies and algorithms, platform of Brainnetome at multiple scales, and their applications in neurological and psychiatric diseases. It envisions that Brainnetome will become an emerging co-frontier of brain imaging, information technology, neurology and psychiatry. Some long-standing issues in neuropsychiatry may be solved by combining Brainnetome with genome.


  • PhD in Computational Mathematics, Zhejiang University
  • MSc in Computational Mathematics, Zhejiang University
  • BSc in Computational Mathematics, Lanzhou University


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Journal Article

Conference Publication

  • Si, Juanning, Zhao, Ruirui, Zhang, Yujin, Zuo, Nianming, Zhang, Xin and Jiang, Tianzi (2015). A portable fNIRS system with eight channels. In: Henry Hirschberg, Steen J. Madsen, E. Duco Jansen, Qingming Luo, Samarendra K. Mohanty and Nitish V. Thakor, Optical Techniques in Neurosurgery, Neurophotonics, and Optogenetics II, San Francisco, CA, United States, (1-4). 7-10 February 2015. doi:10.1117/12.2080947

  • Song, Ming, Liu, Yong, Zhou, Yuan, Wang, Kun, Yu, Chunshui and Jiang, Tianzi (2009). Default network and intelligence difference. In: Proceedings of the 31st Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society: Engineering the future of biomedicine. 31st Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBC 2009), Minneapolis, MN, United States, (2212-2215). 2-6 September 2009. doi:10.1109/IEMBS.2009.5334874

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