Dr Susan Millard

Honorary Fellow

Mater Research Institute-UQ
Faculty of Medicine



  • Doctor of Philosophy, The University of Adelaide


  • Batoon, Lena, Millard, Susan Marie, Raggatt, Liza Jane and Pettit, Allison Robyn (2017) Osteomacs and bone regeneration. Current Osteoporosis Reports, 15 4: 385-395. doi:10.1007/s11914-017-0384-x

  • Karpova, Darja, Ritchey, Julie K., Holt, Matthew S., Abou-Ezzi, Grazia, Monlish, Darlene, Batoon, Lena, Millard, Susan, Spohn, Gabriele, Wiercinska, Eliza, Chendamarai, Ezhil, Yang, Wei, Christ, Stephanie, Gehrs, Leah, Schuettpelz, Laura G., Dembowsky, Klaus, Pettit, Allison R., Rettig, Michael P., Bonig, Halvard and DiPersio, John F. (2017) Continuous blockade of CXCR4 results in dramatic mobilization and expansion of hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells. Blood, 129 21: 2939-2949. doi:10.1182/blood-2016-10-746909

  • Hsiao, E. C., Millard, S. M. and Nissenson, R. A. (2016) Gs/Gi regulation of bone cell differentiation: review and insights from engineered receptors. Hormone and Metabolic Research, 48 11: 689-699. doi:10.1055/s-0042-116156

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