Dr Bing-Jie Ni

Senior Research Fellow

Advanced Water Management Centre
Faculty of Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology
+61 7 334 63230



  • Doctor of Engineering, University of Science and Technology of China


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Book Chapter

  • Ni, Bing-Jie, Pan, Yuting, Guo, Jianhua, Virdis, Bernardino, Hu, Shihu, Chen, Xueming and Yuan, Zhiguo (2017). Denitrification processes for wastewater treatment. In Isabel Moura, Jose J. G. Moura, Sofia R. Pauleta and Luisa B. Maia (Ed.), Metalloenzymes in dentrification: applications and environmental impacts (pp. 368-418) Cambridge, United Kingdom: Royal Society of Chemistry. doi:10.1039/9781782623762-00368

  • Ni, Bing-Jie and Yu, Han-Qing (2012). Aerobic granular sludge technoloy for wastewater treatment. In Etienne Pau and Yu Liu (Ed.), Biological sludge minimization and biomaterials/bioenergy recovery technologies (pp. 429-463) Hoboken, NJ, United States: John Wiley & Sons. doi:10.1002/9781118309643.ch14

  • Ruscalleda, M., Balaguer, M. D., Colprim, J., Pellicer-Nàcher, C., Ni, B. J., Smets, B. F., Sun, S. P. and Wang, R. C. (2011). Biological nitrogen removal from domestic wastewater. In Spiros Agathos (Ed.), Comprehensive Biotechnology 2nd ed. (pp. 329-340) Netherlands: Elsevier.

  • Liu, Xian-Wei, Yu, Han-Qing, Ni, Bing-Jie and Sheng, Guo-Ping (2009). Characterization, modeling and application of aerobic granular sludge for wastewater treatment. In Jian-Jiang Zhong, Feng-Wu Bai and Wei Zhang (Ed.), Biotechnology in China I: from bioreaction to bioseparation and bioremediation (pp. 275-303) Heidelberg, Germany: Springer. doi:10.1007/10_2008_29

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