Dr Edward Narayan

Senior Lecturer

School of Agriculture and Food Sciences
Faculty of Science


Dr Narayan is Senior Lecturer of Animal Science in the School of Agriculture and Food Sciences. Edward graduated with PhD degree in Biology from the University of the South Pacific and pioneered non-invasive reproductive and stress endocrinology tools for amphibians - the novel development and validation of non-invasive enzyme immunoassays for the evaluation of reproductive hormonal cycle and stress hormone responses to environmental stressors. Dr Narayan was also recipient of Gold Medal Award for undergraduate Bachelor of Science degree from USP.

Dr Narayan leads the Stress Lab (Comparative Physiology and Endocrinology).



For post-doc Edward joined Griffith University, Queensland with a successful Vice-Chancellor's postdoctoral fellowship. Edward initiated an innovative long-term research program based on the Conservation Physiology of wildlife. Edward's dynamic career research platform is based on the thematic areas of comparative vertebrate physiology, stress endocrinology, reproductive endocrinology, animal health and welfare, and conservation biology.

Edward's research team comprising of supervised Honours, Masters and PhD students (and numerous student volunteers) have made significant new discoveries, including understanding the sub-clinical physiological impacts of the debilitating pathogenic disease (chytridiomycosis) on amphibians; the physiological impacts and fitness consequences of acute and chronic environmental stressors on amphibians.

Edward has also developed non-invasive stress hormone monitoring tools for marsupials such as the Koala, Woylie and the endangered Greater Bilby. Edward has also studied the stress physiology, health and welfare of Tigers in Australian and Indian Zoos.

He has extensive postdoctoral research fellowship training in institutions spanning 4 countries (New Zealand-Landcare Research), Australia (Griffith University), India (Australian Academy of Science Early Career Fellowship – University of Pune) and Canada (Department of Biomedical Sciences, University of Saskatchewan).

Edward has supervised 40 undergraduate special topics, Honours, Masters and PhD students in Australia and from overseas.

Edward has published over 60 peer-reviewed research in collaboration with researchers in Australia such as Murdoch University, University of Melbourne, Macquarie Uni, Deakin Uni and Griffith University, and internationally (USA, India, Canada and New Zealand). Edward also has active on-going research collaborations internationally (e.g. India, Argentina, Vietnam, Canada, Brazil, and USA).

Edward also provides consultation support based on Animal Welfare related work. He currently holds membership in the Endocrine Society of Australia, International Association of Stress Physiologists, Society for Experimental Biology, Australia & New Zealand Society for Comparative Physiology and Biochemistry and International Society for Wildlife Endocrinology.

Research Interests

  • Animal Welfare
  • Stress Physiology

Research Impacts

Agriculture Sector - Dr Narayan has cross sector network in primary industries through numerous national/international collaborations. For example, Institute of Tropical Agriculture and Food Security, University Putra Malaysia (see publication) and SARDI (South Australian Research Development and Innovation). Dr Narayan has attracted scholarship for undergraduate students through the Australian Wool Education Trust (AWET).

Environmental Sector - Dr Narayan has delivered public seminars at leading National Koala Rescue and Rehabilitation Clinics including Port Stephens Koalas, Friends of the Koala Ballina, and Port Macquarie Koala Hospital. Dr Narayan has active network with the Adelaide Koala and Wildlife Hospital. Current international networks with wildlife conservation and rehabilitation groups including Animals Asia, Wildlife Institute of India and International Funds for Animal Welfare (IFAW).

Zoo Programs: Dr Narayan is current individual member of the Zoos and Aquarium Association (ZAA) - Animal Welfare accreditation body for captive zoo facilities in Australasia. Through this role, Dr Narayan has provided research opportunities for numerous WSU project students and led consultancies to improve the husbandry and breeding program of captive Zoo animals (e.g. Australian marsupials, Big Cats and Saltwater crocodiles). Please see testimonials.

Science Education in Developing Pacific Island Countries: Dr Narayan actively networks with Pacific Island Countries especially through membership on the Pacific Invasives Partnership Initiative (PIP). Dr Narayan has actively shared research through seminars in all major Universities in Fiji Islands (University of the South Pacific and Fiji National University).

Media Engagement: Dr Narayan has actively participated in media interviews such as BBC Wildlife Magazine based on "Happiness in Wildlife", The Conversation and B-Lab Coats. Dr Narayan has also spoken to ABC Rural interviews on the topics of Animal Welfare of Livestock and Australian Mammals and particularly his research on Heat Stress Management in Sheep and Koala appeared on Australian Academy of Science extension videos and also in numerous local and international newspapers.


  • Doctor of Philosohy, University of South Pacific


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Book Chapter

Journal Article

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Possible Research Projects

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