Dr Tonima Ali

7T Facility Fellow

Centre for Advanced Imaging
+61 7 336 54100


Dr. Tonima Ali is the current Facility Fellow for human 7T MRI for the Queensland Node of the National Imaging Facility (NIF) based at the Centre of Advanced Imaging (CAI), University of Queensland. Her research is in the field of clinical and ultra-high field MRI with particular focus on quantitative MRI for compositional assessment of biological tissues. She is currently developing methods for improving, optimising and combining multiple MRI contrasts (including T1, T2, T2*, magnetic susceptibility, MTR and DWI) for white matter imaging and myelin mapping. This work aims to establish a suit of protocols and associated processing pipelines suitable for detailed assessment of white matter diseases at clinical field strength and ultra-high field.

Tonima is also involved in musculoskeletal imaging at ultra-high field with the aim of characterising knee joint tissues using quantitative MRI analysis. The eventual goal of this work is to assess the effects of osteoarthritis on articular cartilage, menisci, ligaments and synovial fluid.

Tonima graduated as an Electrical Engineer from University of Alberta, Canada with specialisation in Biomedical Engineering. She obtained her MSc in Biomedical Engineering from University of Calgary, Canada and her PhD in Biomedical Engineering and Medical Physics from Queensland University of Technology. During her research career as a student, she has developed novel MRI and NMR based methods for brain tumour segmentation, identification of the disease progression pathway of post-traumatic osteoarthritis in knee joints, delineation of collagen architecture in kangaroo knee cartilages and compositional assessment of breast tissue.

Research Interests

  • Ultra-high field human MR
  • Disease of White Matter
  • MR Methods, Applications, Measurement and Analysis


  • Doctor of Philosophy, Queensland University of Technology
  • Master of Science (Biomedical Engineering), University of Calgary


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