Dr Miriam Moeller

Senior Lecturer

School of Business
Faculty of Business, Economics and Law


Research Interests

  • Globalisation and its impact on strategic global human resource management (SGHRM)
    This research stream aims to highlight the evolution of global staffing practices through the use of various staffing approaches such as expatriation, inpatriation, and flexpatriation. The advent of international/global careers also gives primacy for research on female global managers, global dual-career couples, (re)patriation, and succession planning.
  • Transitioning from international/multinational to global
    From an individual-level perspective, this research stream explores the role and development of a global mindset, pluralistic management perspective, cultural intelligence, organizational ignorance, and stigmatization in an increasingly hypercompetitive global environment.


  • Doctor of Philosophy - Business Administration, University of Mississippi


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Book Chapter

  • Moeller, Miriam, Napier, Nancy and McGourty, Rebekah (2014). Career and family expectations of women in international management: a view across generations. In Kate Hutchings and Snejina Michailova (Ed.), Research Handbook on Women in International Management (pp. 96-118) Cheltenham, Glos, UK: Edward Elgar Publishing. doi:10.4337/9781781955031

  • Harvey, Michael and Moeller, Miriam (2012). Patriation of global cultural 'nomads': the reconceptualization of repatriation in a global context. In Gunter K. Stahl, Ingmar Björkman and Shad Morris (Ed.), Handbook of research in international human resource management 2nd ed. (pp. 343-363) Cheltenham, United Kingdom: Edward Elgar Publishing.

  • Martinez, Arthur D., Ferris, Gerald R., Moeller, Miriam and Harvey, Michael (2012). Power in organizations: Good vs evil. In Carole L. Jurkiewicz (Ed.), The foundations of organizational evil (pp. 105-123) Armonk, NY, United States: M. E. Sharpe.

  • Harvey, Michael and Moeller, Miriam (2012). The "whirlwind" of globalization: Implications for strategic global human resource management. In Joseph A. Mancini (Ed.), Globalization: Partnerships, modernization and future perspectives (pp. 19-30) Hauppauge, NY, United States: Nova Science Publishers.

  • Harvey, Michael and Moeller, Miriam (2011). Global account management : The rationale and motivation. In Jagdish N. Sheth, Naresh K. Malhotra, Daniel C. Bello and David Griffith (Ed.), Wiley international encyclopedia of marketing (pp. x-x) Chichester, West Sussex, United Kingdom: Wiley.

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  • Doctor Philosophy — Principal Advisor

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