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I research animal skeletal remains at archaeological sites to reconstruct patterns in past diet to understand how people responded to large-scale climate, environmental and cultural change.

I completed my BSc in archaeology and zoology in 1997 at James Cook University, followed with honours in archaeology in 1998. My honours project focused on the animal remains from the Pleistocene- and Holocene-aged of Noala Cave, a rockshelter on the Montebello Islands off the Pilbara coast in Western Australia. Following this, I moved to North America and completed a MSc in marine geology at the University of Miami (2003) and a PhD in anthropology (archaeology) at the University of Arizona (2010). My PhD research focused on reconstructing past diet of peoples occupying the Upper Palaeolithic site of Vale Boi in southern Portugal. In 2012 I returned to Australia and Australian archaeology. My main research project seeks to understand the motivations behind the initial colonisation of northern Australia and New Guinea and the manner in which people subsequently navigated large-scale shifts in climate and local environment.

Research Interests

  • 50,000 years of human subsistence behaviour in northern Australia
    For over 40 years archaeologists have debated the nature of initial colonisation of Australia and how people subsequently coped with large-scale climate change. This study systematically examines variation in human subsistence behaviour and animal community structure across northern Australia. Through analyses of archaeofaunas from key archaeological sites, this project will test assumptions of why and how northern Australia was first occupied and the manner in which people responded to dramatic environmental shifts. An additional outcome of this project is insight into the causes of fragmentation in Australian fauna assemblages.
  • The Barrow Island Archaeology Project: the dynamism of maritime societies in northern Australia
    The Barrow Island Archaeology Project examines an exceptional record of Indigenous occupation on one of the largest islands lying off the northwest coast of Australia. The island and sites on it are optimally located to register first coastal occupations. Peoples' responses to changes in sea level, climate and isolation from critical resources on the mainland will be mapped, with predicted abandonment 7,400 years ago. The Project will study the nature of a cultural landscape that represents a 'time-capsule' sealed in the early Holocene. Important climate and ecological records will be reconstructed from the contents of caves. The labour history of Indigenous people and pearling will also be profiled.


  • Doctor of Philosophy in Anthropology, The University of Arizona
  • Master of Science, University of Miami


  • Adams, Shaun, Norman, Kasih, Kemp, Justine, Jacobs, Zenobia, Costelloe, Michael, Fairbairn, Andrew, Robins, Richard, Stock, Errol, Moss, Patrick, Smith, Tam, Love, Serena, Manne, Tiina, Lowe, Kelsey M., Logan, India, Manoel, Michael, McFadden, Karen, Burns, Darren, Falkiner, Zac and Clarkson, Chris (2024). Early human occupation of Australia’s eastern seaboard. Scientific Reports, 14 (1) 2579. doi: 10.1038/s41598-024-52000-y

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  • Barker, Bryce, Lamb, Lara, Leavesley, Matthew, Manne, Tiina, Fairbairn, Andrew, Coe, Andrew, Lowe, Kelsey M., Beni, Teppsy, Neanda, Betty and Aubert, Maxime (2023). A Holocene sequence from Walufeni Cave, Southern Highlands Province, and its implications for the settlement of the Great Papuan Plateau, Papua New Guinea. Australian Archaeology, 89 (1), 47-65. doi: 10.1080/03122417.2023.2175960

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Book Chapter

  • Manne, Tiina (2012). Vale Boi: 10,000 years of Upper Paleolithic bone boiling. The menial art of cooking. (pp. 173-199) edited by Sarah R. Graff and Enrique Rodriguez-Alegria. Boulder, CO, USA: University Press of Colorado.

  • Manne, Tiina and Bicho, Nuno F. (2011). Prying new meaning from limpet harvesting at Vale Boi during the Upper Paleolithic. Trekking the shore: Changing coastlines and the antiquity of coastal settlement. (pp. 273-290) edited by Nuno F. Bicho, Jonathan A. Haws and Loren G. Davis. New York, United States: Springer. doi: 10.1007/978-1-4419-8219-3_11

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Other Outputs

  • Manne, Tiina and Louys, Julien (2022). Investigating Ancient Animals in Mithaka Country. Kirrenderri Heart of the Channel Country. (pp. 70-72) edited by Michael C. Westaway, Mandana Maper, Tracey Hough, Shawnee Gorringe and Geoff Ginn. St Lucia, QLD, Australia: The University of Queensland Anthropology Museum.

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