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Janet R. McColl-Kennedy is Professor of Marketing at the UQ Business School, The University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia. She was appointed full Professor in 2002.

She a Visiting Professor at the University of Cambridge, UK, ongoing.

Professor McColl-Kennedy was appointed a Visiting Fellow, St Edmund’s College, Cambridge, 2015-2016.

Professor McColl-Kennedy has held several senior leadership positions in the UQ School of Management and UQ Business School, including Marketing Discipline Leader for 10 years from 1996 to 2005, and Research Director of the UQ Business School from January 2006 to June 2008 and from April 2009 to January 2010.

She is Co-Lead of the Service Innovation Alliance at the Business School, the University of Queensland – a multidisciplinary research group.

Janet is a distinguished researcher, appointed Fellow of the Australian and New Zealand Marketing Academy (ANZMAC) having "demonstrated outstanding contributions to the Academy and also demonstrated eminence in the Marketing discipline through research, scholarship, education and leadership".

Professor Janet McColl-Kennedy has made a significant research contribution to the discipline of Marketing, specifically in her research area of “Services”. With over 100 publications (78 being refereed international journal articles), Professor McColl-Kennedy is not only a leading senior marketing academic in Australia, she is internationally recognised as a leading researcher in Service Science. Her research interests focus on customer experience management and include service recovery, customer complaining behaviour, customer rage and customer value co-creation. She has particular expertise in health care and the professions.

Janet leads several international research teams, obtaining over $2.5 million in competitive research grants including eight prestigious Australian Research Council (ARC) grants. She has a H index of 42 (Google scholar).

Professor McColl-Kennedy has held Visiting Professorships at Indiana University, USA, Bocconi University Milan, Italy, the University of New South Wales, Sydney, and most recently at the University of Cambridge, UK.

Professor McColl-Kennedy’s work consistently appears in prestigious journals in her field such as the Journal of Retailing, Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, Leadership Quarterly, Journal of Service Research, California Management Review, Journal of Service Management, Journal of Business Research, Psychology and Marketing, Journal of Marketing Management and Industrial Marketing Management.

In recognition of her international research reputation she is an inaugural member of the Advisory Board of the Cambridge Service Alliance, University of Cambridge, UK, a global alliance between leading businesses and universities. Founded by Cambridge University Institute for Manufacturing and Judge Business School, in alliance with BAE Systems, IBM, and Caterpillar the Cambridge Service Alliance was formed in 2010 and is designed to bring together some of the world’s best firms and researchers devoted to delivering today the insights, education and approaches needed for the Complex Service Solutions of tomorrow. For more information on Cambridge Service Alliance see

  • Appointed to the Advisory Board of CTF Service Research Center, Karlstad University, Sweden from 2012 ongoing. Global companies on the board include Ericsson, Tetra Pak, Volvo and IKEA.
  • Appointed to the Internationally Scientific Advisory Board (ISAB), Norwegian School of Economics (NHH), Norway from 2014 ongoing.
  • Appointed as Academic Scholar, Cornell Institute for Healthy Futures, Cornell University, New York, USA, 2016 ongoing. See Annual Report

2017 GLOBAL SERVICE RESEARCH CONFERENCE CHAIR "Thought Leadership Conference: Theorizing Beyond the Horizon - Service Research in 2050", 2-5 November 2017, Brisbane.

Professor McColl-Kennedy reviews for several international journals and is on the Editorial Board of the Journal of Service Research, Journal of Service Management and Service Science. She was Chair of the Expert Panel on Health Services (Associate Editor) for the Journal of Service Management from October 2015 to November 2018.

She was also Guest Editor with Professor Byron Keating (ANU) and Associate Professor David Solnet (UQ) of “Theorizing Beyond the Horizon: Service Research in 2050”, Special Issue of the Journal of Service Management (November 2018)

In addition she was Guest Editor, "Health Care in Service Science" Special Issue of the Australasian Marketing Journal (AMJ) 2014.


* November 2018 - Awarded the Cross-Discipline Research Award by the UQ Business School for outstanding achievement in research (29 November 2018).

* September 2018 - "the most influential marketing academic in Australia". Professor McColl-Kennedy is named "the leading researcher in the field of Marketing in Australia", "Australia’s Research Field Leaders” The Australian, 26 September, 2018, page 12.

* June 2017 - Best Article Finalist – “Highly Commended Paper of 2016” Journal of Service Research article.

[Patterson, P. G., M. K. Brady and J.R. McColl-Kennedy (2016), "Geysers or Bubbling Hot Springs? A Cross-cultural Examination of Customer Rage From Eastern and Western Perspectives, Journal of Service Research, 19, 3, pp. 243-259.]

* February 2016 – “Highly Commended Paper of 2015”. Short listed for the Journal of Service Management (JOSM) - 2015 - Robert Johnston Award with two others).

[McColl-Kennedy, J.R., P.G. Patterson, M.K. Brady, L. Cheung and D. Nguyen (2015), “To Give or Not to Give Professional Services to Non-paying Clients: Professionals’ Giving Backstory”, Journal of Service Management, 26 (3): 426-459.]

* October 2015 our paper Bolton, R.N., Gustafsson, A., McColl-Kennedy, J.R., Sirianni, N.J. and Tse, D.K. (2014), “Small Details that Make Big Differences: a Radical Approach to Consumption Experience as a Firm's Differentiating Strategy”, Journal of Service Management, Vol. 25, No. 2, pp. 253-274 made it into the top 20 most cited Marketing articles since 2011 list.

* March 2015 - Highly Recommended paper - Short listed (in the top four best papers) for the best 2014 article in Journal of Service Management."As of November / December 2014 , this highly cited paper received enough citations to place it in the top 1% of the academic field of Economics & Business based on a highly cited threshold for the field and publication year." Source: ISI Web of Science.

[ Bolton, R.N., Gustafsson, A., McColl-Kennedy, J.R., Sirianni, N.J. and Tse, D.K. (2014), “Small Details that Make Big Differences: a Radical Approach to Consumption Experience as a Firm's Differentiating Strategy”, Journal of Service Management, Vol. 25, No. 2, pp. 253-274.]

* March 2013 - Highly Recommended - Short listed (in the top five best papers) for the best 2012 article in Journal of Service Research. [McColl-Kennedy, J.R., Vargo, S.L., Dagger, T.S., Sweeney, J.C. and van Kasteren, Y. (2012). “Health Care Customer Value Cocreation Practice Styles”, Journal of Service Research, Vol.15, No. 4, pp. 370-389 – the lead article.]

* 2011 Winner of the Distinguished Researcher Award (Australian and New Zealand Marketing Academy). “This is an annual award for a member of the ANZMAC community judged to have made the most significant contribution to advancing our knowledge of marketing through their research”.

* 2011 Short listed (with two other papers) for the Accenture Award. The award is given each year to the author(s) of the article published in the California Management Review in 2009 that has "made the most important contribution to improving the practice of management". [Patterson, P.G., McColl-Kennedy, J.R., Smith, A.K. and Lu, Z. (2009), “Customer Rage: Triggers, Tipping Points and Take-Outs”, California Management Review, Vol. 52, No. 1, pp. 6-28.]

* 2011 “Outstanding author contribution” winner, Emerald Literary Network, Award for Excellence for 2010 chapter "Service encounter needs theory: A dyadic, psychosocial approach to understanding service encounters". [Bradley, G.L., McColl-Kennedy, J.R., Sparks, B.A., Jimmieson, N.L. and Zapf, D. (2010), “Service Encounter Needs Theory: A Dyadic, Psychosocial Approach to Understanding Service Encounters”, in Zerbe, W.J., Härtel, C.E.J., and Ashkanasy, N.M. (Eds.) Research on Emotion in Organizations, Volume 6: Emotions in Creativity, Learning, and Change, Emerald Group Publishing/JAI Press, Bingley, UK, pp. 221-258.]

* 2010 Honorable mention - Short listed for best "Services" article published in 2009 by AMA SERVSIG [McColl-Kennedy, J.R., Patterson, P.G., Smith, A.K. and Brady, M. (2009). “Customer Rage Episodes: Emotions, Expressions and Behaviors”, Journal of Retailing, Vol. 85, No. 2, pp. 222-237.]

* 2010 Awarded best paper in AMJ [Tombs, A.G. and McColl-Kennedy, J.R. (2010), “Social and Spatial Influence of Customers on Other Customers in the Social-servicescape”. Australasian Marketing Journal, Vol. 18, No. 3, pp. 120-131.]

* 2009 Best paper award 2009 EIASM Naples Forum on Service, Capri Italy (McColl-Kennedy et al 2009)

* 2008 Best paper award 2008 ANZMAC conference (McColl-Kennedy and Patterson 2008)

* 2003 Best paper award European Marketing Conference (EMAC) 2003

* 2001 Best paper award AMA SERVSIG Conference 2001

MAJOR GRANTS – Leads several international research teams

*2016-2018 ARC Discovery Grant [DP160100421] [$330,000] “Modelling Multidimensional Multiparty Decisions to Improve Outcomes for Customers and Service Providers: New Theory and Measurement Tools” (Professor Janet McColl-Kennedy (Lead), Assoc. Professor Len Coote, Professor Claire Wainwright, (UQ Medical School) Professor Scott Bell (UQ Medical School), Professor Michael Brady, Florida State University)

*2015-2019 ARC Linkage Grant [LP150100629] [$1.1 million including $180,000 from ARC] “Examining the Effectiveness of Patient-centred Practices on Health Outcomes” (Professor Pennie Frow Uni of Sydney (Lead), Professor Janet McColl-Kennedy, UQ, Professor Adrian Payne UNSW, Dr Rahul Govind UNSW)

*2011-2015 ARC Discovery Project [DP110102312] [$350,000] 'Pro Bono Service: Drivers, Delight, Dark Side and Downside for the Professional' (Professor Janet McColl-Kennedy (Lead), Professor P. G. Patterson UNSW, Professor M. K. Brady Florida State University and Dr D. Nguyen The University of Queensland.)

*2008-2010 ARC Discovery Project [DP0879469] [$220,000] 'Balancing the needs of customers and employees following service failure: A dyadic psychosocial approach' (with Graham Bradley and Beverley Sparks, Griffith University; Nerina Jimmieson, University of Queensland; and Dieter Zapf , Frankfurt University.)

* 2007-2012 ARC Linkage Project [LP0775220] [$116,000] "Customer Co-production in Ongoing Health Service Delivery: A Longitudinal Study' (Professor Janet McColl-Kennedy UQ (Lead), Dr Tracey Dagger, University of Queensland, Professor Jill Sweeney, University of Western Australia, Bev Mirolo and Maryanne Hargraves, Haematology and Oncology Clinics of Australasia Pty Ltd).

* 2006-2008 ARC Discovery Project [DP0664410] [$240,000] "Customer Rage Spectrum Emotions in Service Failure Encounters: Linking Experience, Expression, Behaviour and Organisational Responses" Professor Janet McColl-Kennedy UQ (Lead), Professor P.G. Patterson, University of New South Wales, Associate Professor A.K. Smith George Washington University, USA, Professor M.K. Brady (Florida State).

* 2004-2007 ARC Discovery Grant [DP0450736] [$210,000] "'The Impact of Customer-Focused Business Strategies on Organisational Performance in a Professional Service Context" (Assoc Professor J. Sweeney University of Western Australia, Professor G. Soutar, University of Western Australia and Professor Janet McColl-Kennedy UQ).


Professor McColl-Kennedy brings a wealth of experience from over 25 years of teaching at university level. She has taught classes at both the undergraduate level and postgraduate level, as well as undertaking executive training, across all modes of delivery including intensive, weekend, and weekly modes. She has taught in Australia, Singapore, Beijing, China, Seoul, Korea, Milan, Italy and in the USA.

She was the 2011 Winner of the UQ Business School Corporate Education Teaching Award. She has a sustained track record of high teaching evaluations on executive teaching and MBA courses.

Professor McColl-Kennedy has supervised 50 masters dissertations and 14 PhD students to successful completion. Professor McColl-Kennedy has examined PhD theses from the University of Melbourne, University of New South Wales, University of Sydney, University of Auckland, Macquarie University, Sydney, and Griffith University, among others.


Professor McColl-Kennedy regularly consults to industry on the customer - employee interface, for example, developing and maintaining a customer service culture, customer experience management, dealing effectively with customer complaints, de-escalating customer rage and value co-creating, and in facilitating strategic plans. She has been invited keynote speaker on many industry conferences including for example, talks on the customer service imperative, customer experience management,customer rage and co-creating value. Details are available upon request.

Research Interests

  • Consumer behaviour, customer rage, customer complaints, customer experience management, health services, service science, service failure & recovery, value creation, value co-creation, pro bono

Research Impacts

Professor McColl-Kennedy's seminal work in value co-creation has been implemented by Lutheran Community Care in Queensland resulting in improved outcomes.


  • Bachelor of Arts (Honours), The University of Queensland
  • Doctor of Philosophy, The University of Queensland


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Book Chapter

  • McColl-Kennedy, Janet R. (2018). From whence to where in service science: a perspective on the field. In Paul P. Maglio, Cheryl A. Kieliszewski, James C. Spohrer, Kelly Lyons, Lia Patrício and Yuriko Sawatani (Ed.), Handbook of Service Science (pp. 729-742) Cham, Switzerland: Springer International Publishing. doi:10.1007/978-3-319-98512-1_32

  • McColl-Kennedy, Janet and Cheung, Lilliemay (2018). Value cocreation: conceptualizations, origins, and developments. In Stephen L. Vargo and Robert F. Lusch (Ed.), The Sage handbook of service-dominant logic (pp. 62-79) London: Sage Publications.

  • Soutar, Geoffrey N., Sweeney, Jillian C. and McColl-Kennedy, Janet R. (2015). Best-worst scaling: An alternative to ratings data. In Jordan J. Louviere, Terry N. Flynn and A.A.J. Marley (Ed.), Best-worst scaling: theory, methods and applications (pp. 177-188) Cambridge, United Kingdom: Cambridge University Press. doi:10.1017/CBO9781107337855.010

  • McColl-Kennedy, Janet R. (2013). Global perspectives on service: service research in Australia. In Raymond P. Fisk, Rebekah Russell-Bennett and Lloyd C. Harris (Ed.), Serving Customers: Global Services Marketing Perspectives (pp. 317-319) Prahran, VIC, Australia: Tilde Publishing and Distribution.

  • Bradley, Graham L., McColl-Kennedy, Janet R., Sparks, Beverley A., Jimmieson, Nerina L. and Zapf, Dieter (2010). Service encounter needs theory: a dyadic, psychosocial approach to understanding service encounters. In Wilfred J. Zerbe, Charmine E. J. Hartel and Neal M. Ashkanasy (Ed.), Emotions and organizational dynamism (pp. 221-258) Bingley, United Kingdom: Emerald Group Publishing. doi:10.1108/S1746-9791(2010)0000006013

  • McColl-Kennedy, J. R., Rundle-Thiele, S. and Ward, S. (2006). Australia: Changing consumer behavior and marketing. In A. Pecotich and C. J. Schultz II (Ed.), Handbook of Markets and Economies: East Asia, South-East Asia, Australia, New Zealand (pp. 23-46) Armonk, New York: M. E. Sharpe.

  • McColl-Kennedy, Janet R. and Smith, Amy K. (2006). Customer emotions in service failure and recovery encounters. In Wilfred J. Zerbe, Neal M. Ashkanasy and Charmine E.J. Härtel (Ed.), Individual and organizational perspectives on emotion management and display (pp. 243-275) Bingley, United Kingdom: Emerald Group Publishing. doi:10.1016/S1746-9791(06)02010-4

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  • McColl-Kennedy, Janet R. (1998). Australia: Changing consumer behaviour. In Anthony Pecotich and Clifford J. Schultz II (Ed.), Marketing and consumer behavior in East and South-east Asia (pp. 25-62) Sydney: McGraw-Hill.

  • Dahringer, Lee D., Frame, Charles D., Yau, Oliver H. M. and McColl-Kennedy, Janet R. (1994). Consumer involvement in services: An international evaluation. In Salah S. Hassan and Erdener Kaynak (Ed.), Globalization of consumer markets: Structures and strategies (pp. 143-156) New York: International Business Press.

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