Dr Gilbert Burgh

Senior Lecturer

School of Historical and Philosophical Inquiry
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
+61 7 336 56348


Gilbert teaches Environmental Philosophy, Philosophy and Education and Moral and Political Philosophy. He is active in bringing the ideas and practices of philosophy to public forums and issues, including: philosophy cafes, philosothons, public debates and since 1990 he has been promoting philosophy in schools. He was the founding president of the Queensland Association of Philosophy in Schools (1994-6), and president of the Federation of Australasian Philosophy in Schools Associations (2002-3).

Research Interests

  • Research areas
    Educational philosophy (philosophy functioning educationally); Ethics, and social and political philosophy, esp. democracy, citizenship, alternatives to electoral politics, democracy and education, and deliberative politics.
  • Current Research Projects
    John Dewey’s theory of democracy and education; Matthew Lipman’s practice of philosophy as the methodology of education; the philosophical development of ‘community of inquiry’ in educational discourse; collaborative inquiry-based teaching and learning through philosophy.


  • Doctor of Philosophy, The University of Queensland
  • Bachelor of Arts (Honours), The University of Queensland


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Book Chapter

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Journal Article

Conference Publication

  • Burgh, Gilbert and Thornton, Simone (2016). Philosophy for children in Australia: then, now, and where to from here?. In: 45th Annual Conference of the Philosophy of Education Society of Australasia: Re-engaging with politics: Re-imagining the university. 45th Annual Conference of the Philosophy of Education Society of Australasia, Melbourne, Australia, (). 5-8 December 2015.

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Note for students: Dr Gilbert Burgh is not currently available to take on new students.

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