Dr Chris Hodkinson

Senior Lecturer in Marketing

School of Business
Faculty of Business, Economics and Law


Chris is a strategic Consumer Insights specialist extensively trained in Consumer Behaviour. He is a Certified and Practising Market Researcher (CPMR) and he has had extensive consulting experience in marketing, marketing and consumer behaviour analysis. His current interests include Fear of Missing Out as an advertising appeal, youth impulse buying, Bucket List Tourism, and baby-boomer adventure travel. Chris has taught extensively in the marketing, advertising and consumer behaviour areas. He has been extensively cited for his work onweb site usability and how consumers search for information in electronic environments based on his groundbreaking Masters and PhD theses in the area.

Research Interests

  • FOMO - Fear of Missing Out/youth impulse buying
    FOMO is a major driver of youth markets especially travel as FOMO advertising appeals can be very effective. However, an over-focus on social media which can portray others' live as all-too-perfect recent research has shown that people can become depressed/envious because they think their lives are not as good/exciting/successful as those of their friends.
  • Bucket List Tourism
    The construction of a personal 'Bucket List' is very common - especially among the young. However, it is often the baby-boomers who construct a bucket list and undertake often adventurous travel and gather experiences because of their understanding that life is a finite commodity. This motivation is as yet a largely unrecognised as a driver of the 'Bucket List Tourism' niche market. Chris' work has identified the niche and an ethnographic study of a bucket list trip is underway.
  • Baby Boomer Adventure Travel
    Baby-boomers have worked hard on their careers and they typically enjoy a fair degree of affluence in their near retirement years. In some cases they wish to relive their youth, or extend their existing interests. This self-identity work can extend to packaged adventures, or even free ranging adventures. While 'spending the kids inheritance' is a catchphrase some baby boomers are 'making up for lost time' by making their long put off dreams become a reality whether in managed 'ersatz' adventures or even more hazardous ones.


  • Doctor of Philosophy, The University of Queensland
  • Master of Management, The University of Queensland


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  • Doctor Philosophy

  • Doctor Philosophy

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Journal Article

Conference Publication

  • Hodkinson, C., Keil, G. and McColl-Kennedy, J. R. (2002). Consumer problem solving on the web: An analysis of information search actions and their relationship to the arrival at on-line purchase decisions. In: Emerging issues in services marketing: Emotions, e-marketing and encounters. 2nd International Services Marketing Conference, The University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia, (69-69). 3-5 July, 2002.

  • Hodkinson, C. and Kiel, G. C. (1999). A research agenda for consumer behaviour on the WWW. In: J. R. McColl-Kennedy, A. Rowe, M. Hume and E. Manners, Proceedings of the International Services Marketing Conference '99: Unlocking the secrets to service success: Innovative thinking in technology, relationship management and the human interace. International Services Marketing Conference '99, St Lucia, QLD, Australia, (41). 5-7 April 1999.

  • Hodkinson, C. (1999). An exploratory study of information search behaviour in the World Wide Web. In: First Annual Research Student Colloquium Abstracts. First Annual Research Student Colloquium, Emmanuelle College, Univ.of Qld, (13). September 16-17, 1999.

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