Dr David Schlipalius

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

School of Biological Sciences
Faculty of Science
+61 7 336 52516



  • PhD, The University of Queensland
  • Bachelor of Science, The University of Queensland


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Book Chapter

  • Schlipalius, D., Ebert, P. R. and Hunt, G. J. (2008). Honeybee. In Wayne Hunter and Chittaranjan Kole (Ed.), Genome mapping and genomics in arthropods (pp. 1-16) Berlin, Germany: Springer.

Journal Article

Conference Publication

  • Schlipalius, D.I., Jagadeesan, R., Mau, Y., Collins, P.J. and Ebert, P.R. (2008). DNA testing for phosphine resistance - the future of resistance monitoring and management. In: Daolin, G., Navarro, S., Jian, Y., Cheng, T., Zuxun, J., Yue, L., Yang, L. and Haipeng, W., Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Controlled Atmosphere and Fumigation in Stored Products. 8th International Conference on Controlled Atmosphere and Fumigation in Stored Products, Chengdu, China, (595-598). 21-26 September 2008.

  • Ebert, P. R., Cheng, Q., Valmas, N., Zuryn, S. J., Cha'on, U., Schlipalius, D., Collins, P., Mau, Y., Chen, W., Whan, A. P., Huang, Y. and Chiu, H. (2004). Molecular mechanisms of phosphine toxicity and the genetics of resistence. In: J. LaSalle, M. Patten and M. Zalucki, XXII International Congress of Entomology. Entomology Strength in Diversity, Brisbane, Australia, (29-29). 11-15 August.

  • Ebert, P. R., Reilly, P. E., Mau, Y. S., Schlipalius, D.I. and Collins, P.J. (2003). The molecular genetics of phosphine resistance in the lesser grain borer and implications for management. In: E.J Wright, M.C. Webb and E. Highley, Proceedings of the Australian Postharvest Technical Conference. Australian Postharvest Technical Conference, Canberra, (152-155). 25-27 June, 2003.

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