Associate Professor Anne Goldizen

Associate Professor

School of Biological Sciences
Faculty of Science
+61 7 336 54824


Anne Goldizen's research interests focus on vertebrate social systems, including mating systems, social networks, cooperative breeding, parental care patterns and communication, and on conservation biology. She has carried out and supervised long-term studies of social and mating systems on wild primates, birds and macropods. Other studies have focused on endangered or potentially threatened species, including bridled nailtail wallabies, brush-tailed rock-wallabies, black-faced impalas, pademelons and black mongooses and have related aspects of species' behavioural ecology and genetics to their conservation and management. Current studies are based mostly in Queensland and Namibia, including studies of individual differences in sociality and social networks in eastern grey kangaroos and giraffes.


  • MSc, University of Michigan
  • BA, Princeton University
  • PhD, University of Michigan


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Book Chapter

  • Paplinska, J. Z., Bencini, R., Fisher, D. O., Newell, G., Goldizen, A. W., Hazlitt, S. L., Sigg, D. P., Finlayson, G., Munn, A., Chambers, B., Mayberry, C. and Taggart, D. A. (2010). Sperm competition in the Macropodoidea: a review of evidence. In Graeme Coulson and Mark Eldridge (Ed.), Macropods: The biology of kangaroos, wallabies and rat-kangaroos (pp. 65-76) Collingwood, Vic., Australia: CSIRO Publishing.

  • Hazlitt, S. L., Eldridge, M. D. B. and Goldizen, A. W. (2010). Strong matrilineal structuring in the brush-tailed rock-wallaby confirmed by spatial patterns of mitochondrial DNA.. In Graeme Coulson and Mark Eldridge (Ed.), Macropods: The biology of kangaroos, wallabies and rat-kangaroos (pp. 87-95) Collingwood, Vic. Australia: CSIRO Publishing.

  • Goldizen, A. W. (2003). Social monogamy and its variations in callitrichids: Do these relate to the costs of infant care?. In U. H. Reichard and C. Boesch (Ed.), Monogramy: Mating Strategies and Partnerships in Birds, Humans and Other Mammals (pp. 232-247) Cambridge, United Kingdom: Cambridge University Press. doi:10.1017/CBO9781139087247.015

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